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  1. Solitude1

    Thinking Problems

    Hello everyone. Nowadays I've come to find out something really strange. I wanna know if it's a problem of mine, a problem of people with mental difficulties or even healthy people experience it. It may seem extremely ridiculous but please answer because it's very important for me. When studying...
  2. Azelka

    Cyclical depression

    Hey, I was wondering if cyclical depression could be cured. I know the best for me will be to ask directly to my psychiatrist but I can't see her right now so I'm asking it to you hoping you will have the answer. I am asking this to know if I will have to take meds my whole life for treating...
  3. T

    Hi all.

    Hi everybody. I hope all is ok. It's been quite some time since I last posted on here, but wondered if It would be ok to share a few things with you all to see if we can amass an answer for me. Thanks. Tim
  4. D

    Beware Telephone Scammers!

    Several times this week our home phone has been blitzed by cold callers supposing to me from Microsoft wanting to discuss a problem with your computer that they apparently discovered. Then we had some man representing our Internet Service providor demanding our PIN number. And another posing...
  5. letmein

    sorry to bore you ................

    hey sorry again, I'm struggling... I have a weekend of isolation now, no cash to do anything, no friends to share anything with... being dragged more and more into thoughts of suicide as an answer to this. 40 years of depression is enough for anyone. :( I do hope you guys are safe.

    Polo Shirts??

    Can I wear Polo shirts for my new job? It will be an office in a hospital outbuilding. I have forgotten what to do since it has been so long. Someone plz answer thanks
  7. letmein

    can't see any point

    so low. isolated and feeling very unloved and unwanted by family and friends. feel my only answer is suicide.
  8. Zardos

    Sudden Attack Of Anxiety

    Suddenly I realize I've been alone all day.. and its freaking me out ! In the real world I mean... Nobody will answer me when I text them.. I'm alone now ! How did it come to this ? :panic:
  9. M

    Getting my life back on track

    So after a really bad down time in my life - I'm finally working towards getting back on track. I have been recently through the worst down time I have ever had, Isolation, drugs etc. I'm currently actively searching for a job, whilst slowly attempting to establish a new routine. It's difficult...
  10. P

    my best friend

    Can anyone offer any advice for me or do I have to just suck it up and accept she’s gone and never coming back? 6 months ago my best and only friend a walked out on my life. She won’t ever explain why and when I was why she doesn’t want to be friend the standard petulant response is because I...
  11. Mr.NiceGuy

    Ghosts can read books in your room in a second

    One can find ghosts in a room by creating a voluntary whistling sound in the room and asking with thought for them to answer back. You can then tell they are ghosts by pointing at books or music in your room or on the internet and asking what they think. They will sometimes respond. If you ask...
  12. A

    Age 45 and only just realised a recurring problem trough life.... I think BPD is the answer!

    Age 45 and only just realised a recurring problem trough life.... I think BPD is the answer! I am 45 and always thought we are all the same on the inside, all get the feelings I do. Let down by people and end up alone is putting it in a nut shell but it has happened since school .. teens ...
  13. 1

    So I've just had my appointment

    Im upset and furious. All I wanted today was an answer can I have my discharge or not? She didnt even answer they are taking it to the mdt meeting on Tuesday. I just want my life back, back to being alone and managing not having incidents just managing. I cant deal with this anymore constantly...
  14. M

    Autism and me

    Well my new psychiatrist things I may be autistic.He has given me a set of questions and I have to answer from likely to not likely. I'm not sure if I am but it has me abit worried. I also have bipolar.
  15. N

    Mental Health on this Day in History

    20th January 1843 — A Scottish Woodturner named Daniel M'Naghton shot Edmund Drummond, private secretary of Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel, thinking Drummond was Peel. M'Naghton was later acquitted of murder because it was judged that his mental condition rendered him incapable of judging right...
  16. Angelfish

    Need help with identifying my problem

    I know for a fact that there is something off about me. In highschool i was with the special needs kids, and i've heard countless times by my parents and teachers that my behaviour isn't exactly normal. However, i was never really made clear on what my problem was. I don't know if there's any...
  17. P

    Just diagnosed with BPD. regretting...

    I have a family. 3 little boys. 7, 9, and 13. I regret having them. Not because I don't love them with literally every fiber of my being, but because I know I've already screwed them up with my issues and I don't want to do that more. But there is no right answer. Leaving them would create...
  18. P

    The most wonderful time of the year

    Hi I'm new here. I have the most wonderful caring family. A husband who would love heaven and earth for me. I feel very sad and empty especially this time of year. No energy emotional and quiet. I know I have people to talk to but feel the easiest answer is to close down and stay silent. I...
  19. Q

    Do i have social anxiety?

    Hello! I'm having trouble trying to figure out if i have some form of social anxiety and/or low self esteem. Here are a small number of things ive gone and go through: 1) Since im at university i share a kitchen with a number of other people (but i managed to get the block where around 20...
  20. R

    Advice for family member

    Hi all I'm new to this group. I'm looking for advice for my brother who has mental health issues. He has attempted Suicide 3 times this year. He very openly tells me he just does not want to be alive he is 33 and been ill since a very young age. He says he feels like there is a dark cloud...