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  1. B


    I am a clergy member struggling with depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and addiction. I am here seeking more or less anonymous support through my journey of spiritual and psychological healing.
  2. C

    hello everyone

    my name Sandra, 33 years old from germany. I am lesbian and married with a woman. i am here to exchange with others. I have searched for an english forum because people in Germany know each other and I can be more anonymous here. My english is not perfect, i learning this language i hope you...
  3. L

    Do you feel lonely?

    Hi everyone! If ANYONE needs someone to talk to or any advice or a general chat feel free to message me!! I am here to listen, as I know some people do not want to talk about their depression with their family or friends! It can be anonymous and just a helping hand from myself! Don’t struggle...
  4. T

    Self-harm- research

    Hi All, I am a Clinical Psychology student with an interest in gaining a deeper understanding of self-harm. I believe self-harm is often misunderstood and therefore wanted your views of why you may self-harm. Have you had experience of self-harm with the past 12 months? If so, you may be...
  5. A

    Please delete my account or old posts

    Hey I would like to have my old posts or account deleted to make a new one because I am TRYING to be anonymous here but that is very easy (not) when you cannot delete posts. I need to ask advice and can't do that now because I do not feel anonymous here anymore. Can any admin here help me ASAP...
  6. S

    Anonymous advice?

    Does anyone know of anywhere (UK) that could give some anonymous medical advice re OD please? Thank you.
  7. T

    I Don't Want To Know Anyone

    Pretty much what the title says. I have my partner and that's it. I stay isolated and a recluse and I'm happy that way. People cause me stress and distress and I want to be anonymous and a recluse. People are untrustworthy and will only eventually stab you in the back. Why is there no place is...
  8. P

    It's okay im on the internet.

    It's cool. Im anonymous now. How many paranormal experiences can one have exactly? I've only not seen leprachauns and bigfoot at this point. Ghosts, faeries, ufos, spirits, gods, light beings, shadow people, nde's, visions, the greys, met a witch(he could do magic), getting burned, getting...
  9. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Alcohol, my favorite demon

    Well it has finally come down to it. I'm going to have to quit drinking or progressively poison myself until the drink kills me. I drink way to much I know but I'm only 33 so I figured I'd have a bit more time left to party. I got a call yesterday from my doctors office regarding a recent blood...
  10. valleygirl

    Credit Card Discontinued

    I feel so ashamed, but I have to get this out. I can't hold it inside and not tell anyone, and here I am anonymous. I have been behind on my payments on my credit card for too long, and it expires in December. I just got a letter today saying that it will not be renewed because my card is not...
  11. E

    NHS Direct / NHS Direct Wales

    Does anyone have experience of calling NHS Direct (when it was operational in England) or NHS Direct Wales (still operational)? I was led to believe that you could remain anonymous if you were just phoning for advice rather than for actual medical help, however, I've always been asked for my...
  12. C


    Bury St Edmonds Overeaters Anonymous Focus 12 82 Risbygate Street Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP33 1TQ 07939 563282 Meetings are gatherings of two or more compulsive overeaters who come together to share their personal experience, and the strength and hope...
  13. C

    alcoholics anonymous

    Hi all. Well Thursday my first session at Al anon. Has anyone been there before & was it helpful? I don't know what to expect!
  14. S

    ATOS Forms Arrived Again

    Funny that? Not really for me though, worrying about a existential lifeline in the run up to Xmas again. Want to say be careful. ATOS have enough technology to swipe IP addresses and home in on folks even if you want to be anonymous and bloody well left alone.
  15. *autumn*

    hi everyone

    Hey. Just wanted to introduce myself as a very sad person"suffering" from bpd. I've been sober for months from alcohol and drugs. I am attending different meetings but it's not enough. I am looking into various groups. I feel a lot of people in fellowships do not understand the emotionality of a...
  16. Grape

    Do i need a counsellor?

    I'm in two minds. It's expensive but is it worth it? Should i just rely on the samaritans? Are they just as good and anonymous too which is good. I just can't make my mind up. It's £15 per hour so pretty cheap, and she is experienced.
  17. K

    Hey, can you spare a moment?

    Hey! If you have the time, I’d really appreciate it you would take my survey. Its about anxiety and is for my English 102 class. Its completely anonymous and I’d love to have your input. Here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/299ZN28​
  18. pepecat

    Research request: Were you satisfied with your therapy?

    Please note this has been approved by mods / admin Hello everyone, Have you ever had therapy for a personal or mental health problem? (e.g. counselling, CBT, DBT, couples therapy). If so, would you be interested in taking part in the survey I have created for my MSc Clinical Psychology Masters...
  19. Mayfair

    Do YOU think that you are mentally ill?

    I'm again thinking hypothetically: If you forget what the doc has told you. If you forget medicine. If you lived somewhere away from people who are judgmental. If you think of YOU. And who YOU are, do you think you are mentally ill? - I'll put up a poll. It'll be anonymous, but I'll...
  20. L

    Depression and the 12 Step Fellowships

    Hi All I am curious to hear of peoples experiences with their mental health problems while working the 12 steps of recovery. Thank you in advance for your sharing.