1. frisas45

    I miss USA.

    My life in America was lonely. The region I lived (cannot tell you exactly which state it is) was devoid of life and people were too busy to hang out with me. Life sucked. But I had opportunities that could lead to good friendships. Plenty of mental help, and good amount of social support. But...
  2. Midnight.Panda

    Hi everyone! Any medical students/doctors here?

    Hi everyone! I am 20-years-old, and I am half way through medical school (and I am the most stupid medical student there is so don't ask for any advice from me haha) I am really excited to be here and getting to know some of you guys. I think it was about time I joined something like this...
  3. Anime-Alchemy


    Hello everyone, just registered with this site. My name is Anime-Alchemy, i'm 29, male and from the UK. I like video games, documentaries, horror films as well as anime. I hope to be of help to anyone who is of need of help. See you all around the forums.
  4. A

    Why am I obsessive?

    Just curious is anyone on here can Answer my question. I seem to get extremely obsessive over actors, singers, any male figure really. It can last for weeks, and months at a time. Sometimes it's even anime male characters im obsessed with. Like Goku from Dragon ball z. Lol just curious to see if...