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  1. G

    Having major mania

    I was diagnosed with bipolar one into thousand four. I've had a lot of different treatments some work to someone for a time and then some I never should've touched at all. To keep this simple I was prescribed a drug lithium I started having delusions and I've been in another hospital a lot in...
  2. Mark_01

    Angry Voices

    I hear angry voices all the time accusing me of being stupid and worthless. Their anger is filled with hate. Have heard them most of my life. Long ago, I use to wander the hills alone and listen to the voices whisper to me, it was pleasant, was not afraid. I dared not tell my psychiatrist, as...
  3. P

    i think have depression

    Hi there this is my first time posting here, to be honest i am a little nervous as this is the first time getting this off my chest. First of all i am a 20 year old male, now to most of you i might look normal on the outside but on the inside and in my head is where i am totally messed up at the...
  4. P

    Why am I selfish and insensitive

    I have been with my fantastic boyfriend for 4 years...and now everything seems to be crashing down after my last bad BDP crisis where I was so so selfish and essentially ruined any trust he had in me being able to bring good in his life. He doesn't want to hear any of my apologies, I am so...
  5. N

    Anger in depression

    So various people keep telling me that because I get angry and occasionally "hyped" as a result of the anger that I can't possibly be consistently depressed (my anger is almost always in response to CPTSD emotional flashbacks). Is that true? Can you not be angry when depressed? I don't really...
  6. A

    Am I mad?

    I enjoy hurting people and being hurt I live alone and have crazy hallucinations and hear voices I am so anxious and paranoid cos I go out and cause trouble I never got over being bullied and the way they made me feel so now I want other people to suffer I am so angry I have hit all my family I...
  7. D

    No one to vent or talk to

    Stressed and angry and very upset. Not sure why I just get this way and can’t seem to get out of my head. Want to fight with someone and cry. Can’t sleep either because I’m so angry, every little thing is getting on my nerves. Just wanted to vent here as I have no where else to do it and no one...
  8. E

    Ideas for calming down?

    I try exercise(going for walks/runs/hikes) but it usually makes me more irritated and I feel worse. Listening to angry music helps sometimes but then people try to talk to me and then I snap or something and get in trouble. I don't get angry often, usually I am just in a state of irritability...
  9. R

    Frequent outbursts of anger and feeling useless

    I have outbursts of sadness and bad anger (harming myself, throwing stuff ect. ) that last for days then I will be ok for a while until the next time. I'm very convinced during this mood that I'm a useless ugly person and nobody should bother with me. It's horrible for my husband to witness and...
  10. B

    Are my family playing a hand in my mental health issues?

    Ok for a long time, there were a lot of problems with fighting between my brother and parents. He was a particularly hard to manage teenager, and often dated girls who stung him along into all kinds of crap. Instead of dealing with them hed take it out on us at home. This lead to a number of...
  11. M

    Hate all of it

    It is early in the morning and Mary has been crying at the door to get out. She doesn't want food, just wants me to get up out of bed. The three flats on my floor are going to get angry and i think i heard someone banging. She is crying now and it is stressing me so much. The more i react...
  12. H

    Suicide failure

    I very recently tried to commit suicide and I was so relieved and happy. But then help came. And I keep going through in my head what I should have done to avoid that. And I can’t stop thinking about how much I wished it had worked. I was so close. I didn’t get that feeling of regret some people...
  13. T

    Need help understanding something

    Is there a clinical name for the act of looking at images that make you furious in order to cultivate anger in an attempt to control the anger that is automatic when seeing related imagery in real life? Please, I truly have searched the 'net for this disorder - if it is, indeed, a diagnosis of...
  14. J

    I'm kinda scared of myself.

    I'm kinda scared, and I'm also afraid of telling my family that I...don't even know to describe it, I always get angry for the dumbest of things, like hitting-punching myself angry, and when that happens or when I'm thinking too much about what people may think about me, I just start arguing...
  15. Groot

    Mom Has Left the Building

    The woman who gave birth to me. The one with whom I am inextricably interlaced. She is gone, she can no longer formulate comprehensible sentences, she is lost forever to Dementia, and I have no words to express what I'm feeling right now. Anger maybe? YES I am ANGRY. Fear? I am feeling fear...
  16. N

    Purpose of Joining

    Hi, I have a grown up son who is suffering from sever depression and refuses to see the doc., I need help to deal with him and bring him out of that stat it is almost 6 years he is in that state. He feels someone in the computer trying to destroy his life. Taking to him is too difficult thing as...
  17. SoftRain


    For those of you that have bi polar do you have this? I have been jumping around in my moods again lately. Not everyday but quite a bit lately. I probably need to see my doctor before the time scheduled next month. Right now writing this I’m weepy, crying. Then I go into anger because I am...
  18. I

    My medication isn't working

    I still feel depressed. I cry everyday. I'm feeling suicidal. I have so much anxiety. I have too many fears. I have panic attacks often. I still have anger outbursts. I am hallucinating again. Why doesn't medication work?! :panic: :cry2: :mad:
  19. E

    Why does my mother always talk to herself in a angry tone?

    Hello, So I want to say for the last 15 years I've noticed that my mother always talks to herself. It started off as a whisper and now it's almost like she's shouting. I know she realizes that she is talking to herself because whenever anyone comes near her she starts humming a tone to a song...
  20. T


    Hello exploring the possibilities I may have had untreated bdp for a lot of my adult life. Had a very traumatic child. I've always assumed I have ptsd. Had symptoms of bdp most of my adultife in varying intensities. I most identify with dysfunction relationships and self destructive tendency...