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anger attacks

  1. frisas45

    I get angry when someone inside my house gets angry.

    I wish to live alone. But I have no money to do so. So I get stuck with my parents. Whenever I had a rough day, I just make someone infuriated. I feel like I'm just a brat. I have to keep my emotions to myself and don't have to express my anger. If I do, I end up getting into trouble and all...
  2. C

    Have a horrible victim complex and worried I'm going to hurt someone

    Hello, this is my first post here and hopefully it's in the correct place. When I was younger I used to be terrible at controlling my temper and would get anxious about the smallest thing. When I got told off by my parents I would shout back and make the whole situation 1000x worse. This...
  3. Sadkittygirl1928

    My psychologist thinks I'm bipolar

    I don't know how to cope. I have become physically violent, I don't respond well to medication it is what made me have my first ever manic episode and violent behaviors. when I came off meds everything seemed fine and then the other day I self-harmed and hit my boyfriend in rage. I also have OCD...
  4. L

    How do I manage my constant resentment and random anger?

    I'm having such a hard time with my depressive and anger episodes. I don't know how to control them. Does anyone have specific advice on this problem? My family refuses to try to comply and understand the mental stress that I go through on a daily basis. I feel stuck. What are some tactics that...
  5. A

    Relationship & depression?

    Hi all! Hope everyone is well. Recently I have been feeling really down within my relationship, and I can't help but feel guilty about it. My boyfriend is lovely most of the time but he has anger issues and often gets angry for no reason. This morning he decided that it was my fault I didn't...
  6. B

    Clinical depression left untreated for several years

    I have spent what is nearing three years afflicted with what is beginning to cultivate into a myriad of conditions, psychological or otherwise, that have appeared or worsened on the basis that I have never once sought medical or emotive treatment. I'm not sure on as to whether this is the direct...
  7. A

    Having another moment

    I think i've lost all types of hope as it goes. Been arguing and ignoring people again, i hate people.. was thinking there is no point me having a phone it just creates stress, i only have one for the social norm. I get questioned upon my behavior as much as it is.I don't need added pointless...
  8. M

    I don't know what to do anymore

    I don't understand why I feel this way Why when I feel so distressed and infuriated I put on a patient face in front of others but when I am finally alone I lose myself and harm myself without a second thought. I don't even thing about doing it, it just happens and I'm only aware of it when it's...
  9. Ursquine

    New member - Anger issues?

    Hello I have never felt like I need to join a forum like this before, since I seem to know what to do and where to look with my own personal issues (I have anxiety and depression, for the most part). But, I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now, and he has stated from the start that...
  10. J

    Anger episodes where I feel hopeless and my chest is so tight it hurts.. what is this?!

    Anger episodes where I feel hopeless and my chest is so tight it hurts.. what is this?! I'm not sure where exactly this post should be, but I saw that anger can be a symptom of depression, so I thought this forum might be appropriate. Here is my issue: In 2011 I had my first son. Before then...