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  1. M

    Amisulpride: raised prolactin and arthritis/osteoporosis

    I took Amisulpride for just over 3 years. I stopped this drug because I wasn't happy with the unwanted side effects. During the time I took Amisulpride, I had no periods and was lactating. Nobody warned me that I should report these issues. It was only after I'd stopped taking the Amisulpride...
  2. B

    High prolactin due to amisulpride

    Hello! Is anyone else having problems with high prolactin levels due to taking the antipsychotic amisulpride? I find amisulpride brilliant for controlling psychosis, helping to combat depression & beating social anxiety. But it has big down sides which, according to the hospital pharmacist I...
  3. M

    Bpd psychosis & new meds

    Hi everyone, not too sure if I'm posting in the right place, if not sorry & if someone can point me to the right place I'd be very grateful. I have bpd & psychosis, been on seroquel for 16 years, I've been on 625 mg but over the past 10 weeks they haven't been working anywhere near as well as...
  4. D

    I don't know my diagnose

    Hi, I am 27 years old, male. A year ago I had some sort of delusion (that I was followed by police), doctor prescribed me haloperidol (1/4 of 5 mg), after three days that I took medication delusion went off, but after a few months I developed horrible apathy/depression, It has gone more than...
  5. Grape

    I will never take an anti psychotic again

    Never. I feel like i have my life back. Some of you may recall my year of flatness, lack of pleasure, lack of motivation, lack of enjoyment, stress, worry, anxiety, low confidence, suicidal thoughts, tears, upset and general agony. I know some of you feel good on them. I accept that. But for...
  6. Grape

    Amisulpride is very toxic

    I was told this by my new doctor. She said she is glad i no longer take it because it is very toxic. Well bluddy hell i'm not happy i was put on it in the first place then. Just thought i should let you know in case you take it.
  7. J

    Going to Have ECT. Has it worked for Others?

    Hi - I saw a Consultant last week and said I was fed up with anti depressant juggling for years so I suggested ECT and I think it'll go ahead. I'll try anything now and have read about it. It works best if you have been ill for less than 2 years whereas I have a more chronic state. Apparently...
  8. Grape

    Coming off Amisulpride

    Hi all, I came across this site googling symptoms you get when coming off of Amisulpride. I'm down to 50mg after slowly coming down from 400mg to 200mg to 100mg the past three months. I've not noticed any problems until this last reduction where i've been feeling irritable and aggressive...
  9. R

    Abilify making me have panic attacks?

    I am currently in the process of changing medications from amisulpride to ability because I have high prolactin levels. Anyway, I am now on 15mg Abilify and 100mg Amisulpride until I see my psychiatrist on 16th June when she will probably take amisulpride away completely and increase abilify...
  10. Reach

    What mood stabiliser are you taking?

    Just thought it would be good to get a list of what is available. I'm still getting insomnia on mine and feel as though i've tried them all, but i might be wrong. I know of... Lithium Depakote Sodium valproate Lamotrigine Carbamazepine Oxcarbamazepine Amisulpride (mine) Olanzapine Quetiapine...
  11. R

    Weight gain on antipsychotics and anti depressants

    I'm currently on amisulpride and mirtazapine too and I have gained about 5kg in 6 months of starting mirtazapine. My GP put me on it as I was experiencing very low moments in my life and mirtazapine has helped to ease the suicidal and low moments in my life. I have had a blood test to check my...
  12. R

    Amisulpride and HIGH Prolactin levels

    I am a paranoid schizophrenic and have been put on amisulpride at the beginning of 2012 when I had to come of Clozapine because I suffered from low white blood cells. I was then put on Amisulpride and I thought I was doing well although at the beginning of treatment I started to get side...
  13. A

    Amisulpride Gives me Bad Insomnia

    anyone here on amiulpride and how many mg are you on? I am on 300mg a day. It gives me bad insomnia, I cannot sleep at all and awake all night. I have really bad memory, as I cannot remember what I did a few hours ago or who I spoke to, evening out or anything.
  14. M


    I have been on 100mg of amisulpride at night for over 5 years. But now i've developed diabetes theyre taking me off it. Im down to 50mg every second day and am sufferring terrible headaches. Im really worried abou stopping it as i went on it because I wasnt only having nightmares every night...
  15. D

    Has anyone got any info on Amisulpride (Solian)?

    Has anyone got any info on Amisulpride (Solian) ? Just started on 100mg daily for a while then shrink wants me to go 100mg b.i.d Any good or bad reports ?
  16. cairnomohr

    amisulpride and loss of periods

    Hi, i've been trying to come off amisulpride, but crash.I would like to have a baby but no periods on amisulpride does anyone know which drug to take with amisulpride to restore youre periods. thanks
  17. H


    Good evening everyone, I'm new here.:blush: I have been diagnosed with severe Social Anxiety with ptsd, I have tried many Antidepressants but they all failed to improve my conditions, Amisulpride and Mirtazapine " Solian , Remeron seem to be working will this last Any experiences? please
  18. A

    Amisulpride anti psychotics

    Hi. I was diagnosed with psychosis 2 years ago because i was hearing voices. I take amisulpride for them. Does anyone else here take these tablets? If so, what do you think of them and have they helped you?
  19. M

    Amisulpride and periods

    Hi all I have been on 100mg amisulpride for 3 years and not had a period in all that time, however i started taking statins to lower my cholesterol just before christmas and have had 3 12 days periods since then. I had forgotten how sore they were and what a hassle it was. THE DOCTOR HAS NOW...
  20. M

    Amisulpride and periods

    Hi all I have been on amisulpride for 3 yeears and not had a period in all that time, however i started taking statins to lower my cholesterol just before christmas and have had 3 12 days periods since then. I had forgotten how sore they were and what a hassle it was. THE DOCTOR HAS NOW TAKEN...