1. shaky

    Promised support is non-existent

    Before I left hospital the psychiatrist told me he would arrange someone to watch over me and support me when I was discharged. The CPN assigned to me visited and told me he'd ring me once a month to see if I was alright - and that's it. I need someone to keep an eye on me and make sure I'm...
  2. A

    I am a voice hearer but I am also a hero!

    My name is Angela I am voice hearer but I am also a hero. I was diagnosed with auditory hallucinations when I was four years old. I am a proud voice hearer. There will be times when I do struggle, but I have an amazing support system. And they are very helpful. I am inspired by all you...
  3. shaky

    MH crisis on TV

    A good example in this episode of 'Ambulance' or someone having a mental health crisis, and how the MH nurse deals with the situation. Then later in the programme we see the same man when he has calmed down - he chats about his music and seems alright - but he isn't alright. He is admitted to...
  4. little rose

    strugglin today

    struggling today felt like a freak all day feel bad inside and ugly and like im some strange freak and feeling alone and like im something worthless i cant help feeling like this today its how i feel its not that i want to feel like a freak.. this is my day feeling like some strange freak...
  5. C

    Daughter physcotic like episodes

    OK I have posted on here before but not on this forum. My daughter has long term depression as well as social anxiety and is awaiting an aspergers assessment. She has never worked and has no friends. Me and my husband care for her but just recently things have got really bad. She has been...
  6. J


    5 months on medicine and i feel slighty a little different. I am afraid it could take forever till im alright
  7. 2

    I lost my friend

    I wish he would talk to me. I feel sad about what happened and I'd like the chance to put that right. I want to tell him how sorry I am. I miss him and I love him and I worry about him :cry: Even just to know he's alright would be something.
  8. H

    Owned up or been caught out?

    As I've already said in a different post, owning up or being caught out self harming is something I'm struggling with at the moment, so I'm generally curious to how the situation has played out for everyone. Haven't made a poll on here yet so hoping it works alright. So, did you own up or...
  9. mami5

    How do you know?

    This may be a strange question, but can you tell how ill you really are, and how do you know? I ask this as in the past I've been feeling "ok", not right, but "ok" and coping, but when I've talked about things to professionals they immediately start mentioning psych units and all sorts. But...
  10. B

    SOO Tiring!!!

    WOW well finally had a better day, managed too get out of bed.. not that long ago but still its a great improvement, even got my form sorted too try start my claim for ESA... crazy how from writing a suicide note yesterday and getting ready too go n do it, today is a much better day, I hope it...
  11. S

    I want to die

    Nothings going right everything's falling around me can't keep on pretending that everything's alright that im fine everyone hates me theyd all be better off happier if I wasnt here the voices are right why dont I just listen its the only way out
  12. L

    hi everyone

    hi eveyone i am new hope that you all have alright week
  13. S

    I'm not alright

    I feel terrible, keep thinking how I'm a worthless piece of shit. I have a terrible mess of thoughts in my head that torture me. I see my dr tomorrow but he never helps. I can't stand this. I don't want to suffer anymore. Thing is, there is always stress and no matter how little it is, it feels...
  14. E

    People's reactions

    Yesterday I saw a guy who I haven't seen for quite some time, he asked how I was, I said I didn't feel well, he asked if I had the flu, I replied that no I didn't & I was feeling very anxious indeed - he laughed and said well you look alright.
  15. E

    Not feeling great.

    One of my biggest worries at the moment is that I will fall back into my depressive episode. I scared myself that bad when I was last in it, I didn't feel myself at all and I was very suicidal. There's a few things which sets it off that I know myself, some of which I have no control of and...
  16. M

    I hate mondays

    And tuesdays and wednesdays and Thursdays. Fridays are alright...but I hate Saturdays and Sundays and so on
  17. F

    Do voices ever make you laugh?

    Every so often they make me laugh, all yesterday morning a man and a woman were trying to get me to phone Alan Titchmarsh to see if he was alright and that if I did that everything would be alright. The instructions they were giving me were of genuine concern. Think allday yeasterday was one of...
  18. B

    starting prozac, a few questions

    I haven't been on any medication before, but I have had Cognitive behavioiral therapy and made sure I kept up exercise. i found other ways to resist self harm/suicidal urges and other things but lately I have taken a darker turn and I have been recommended by my doctor to start Prozac. I want to...
  19. C

    A Bit Of Levity ....?

    :grin: (Alright, Mod's, kick it where ever ye feel it might be better suited. Only, as I tend to live on this board .....)
  20. D

    Would do anything for a friend to offload with sometimes

    I used to love life when I was younger the past 7 years I don't enjoy anything anymore I try new things and it's not working I just feel alone like an outsider I feel like crying all the time but hold it in I put fake smiles on to make my family think I'm alright I feel like during all the...