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  1. C

    Tight throat?

    Does anyone get the feeling of a tight throat? It keeps coming and going but today (also sunday) it just seems alot worse and i cant get rid of it. I havent had this for a while now but all of a sudden it seems to have come back and i cant get into the doctors until 28th jan. I dont really talk...
  2. I

    ... Losing battle

    I don't want to go into too much detail, but I found the love of my life two years ago when my dad died, and she saved me from depression, my dad been dead is not a issue for me any more at all, both me and my girl are intense people with a inane amount of honesty, we are long distance and been...
  3. M

    How much has rational-thinking strategies worked for you?

    I see quite often see methods of rational statements/thinking. How much have they worked on treating your SA (alot OR moderately successful)??
  4. C

    feels like i have no 'true' personality, everything feels performative

    I never feel like I have any sort of true personality. Whenever others are around, I run on this form of auto-pilot for whatever seems to work best for that situation. I feel like when I am in that auto-pilot, Im not in control of who I am and what I want to truely say or do. I dont get spaced...
  5. M

    Helping someone you think may have bps?

    Hey guys and gals, I'm writing this to look for some help to get my ex who I suspect to suffer from bpd to go to the Drs. I am 100% aware that i am not a professional to diagnose anyone. The long and short, she is diagnosed with Depression, anxiety and PTSD. However, Myself and people i know...
  6. P

    someone real please that knows alot about mental health

    i need someone that knows alot mental health or has had mental health or knows of anyone that has had mental health issues.
  7. C


    I'm new here so i don't really know what category to post in..i have schizoaffective disorder and for about 6 months I've felt like I'm on the outside looking in. Maybe someone will know what i mean. I feel like I'm watching myself do daily activities and I'm in a haze. My therapist told me...
  8. B

    Hello from Ohio

    Hello everyone. I'm a 24 year old female who has struggled with depression and social anxiety for as long as I can remember. For about 6 years now I've been on an interesting journey discovering who I am and what it takes and means for me to lead a balanced life. There has been alot of insight...
  9. T


    Okay to beging with i am an 18 year old gay male not sure thats relevant but every little helps. I have had Intrusive thoughts from the back end of last year to now i dont know why or how they started but i have had alot of them and it varies so i would have Murder, Pedophilia, death. suicide...
  10. B

    Right vs wrong vs me

    I've been in a complicated situation recently. I've had issues with depression and other mh. A friend of mine with bigger issues than believed or said events took place. The thing is I saw alot to contradict. I told her. But I don't know how I feel. I'm a mixture of worried, confused and exhausted.
  11. S

    Advice desperately needed

    I don't know if anyone will read this. I don't know if anyone will care. I don't know if I'm just being weak and pathetic here. If you've got a few minutes, please read.. I don't even know what I'm going to write yet but I really need someone to hear it. I broke up with my boyfriend about...
  12. R

    Any one uses leponex?

    I got prescribed this drug as a s.o.s when im feeling some effects that might trigger an attack. I think its a 2mg pill i take. Im not a fan of self medication, but i cut the pill in half becouse its so powerfull for me, no disrespect in this comparisson but for me its like chimeo for the head...
  13. B


    Everytime I get out a mental hospital and then weeks and weeks gone bye and I seem can't get a hold of myself is putting alot of stress on me. I am sick and tired of trying to find new ways to harm myself. No one cares so I don't care at all. It hurts me badly and I just want these feelings to...
  14. UniqueFreak

    Schizpohrenia and CBD (Cannabidiol)

    Hello all Im interested to hear if anyone has any experiences with Schizophrenia and CBD (Cannabidiol cannabis extract) My Schizophrenia started in childhood and i wasn't formally diagnosed until i was 24 and spent an initial 18 Months in a Psychiatric Hospital. I have had many admissions since...
  15. H


    Hello everyone I am not new to the website cause I been here and mistakenly can't remember my other screen name.I think this name suites me better sense I can be hyper alot of the times. I am also social and called myself a extrovert
  16. C

    introduction-very long post, sorry ;-(

    Hi everyone, Im so glad to have found this site, its a comfort to know that i am not on my own. im 33 years old and have 2 beautiful children and a loving husband. I have everything i could ever want but i struggle to stay a float everyday, some days worse then others. i feel that from a...
  17. A

    Writing A Book Based On My MH

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure i'm this goes here but whatever.... So I'm writing a book based on my experiences with mental health (GAD + Depression, with Bipolar-like mood swings, and obsessive/intrusive thoughts) called "This Is About You. It follows a young man named Adam as he goes through...
  18. A

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey, I'm really new to this forum; just thought i'd introduce myself. I'm the really quiet, reserved kid who has alot to say. Never have been the most social person in the world (sometimes I wish that i could be) and have never really had alot of close friends until college. I've not been...
  19. N

    My wife isnt supportive after my failed sucide attempt

    My wife has been very angry since I tried to OD and it failed. We havent spoke about it much and that bothers me alot and tonight she made a comment saying the "Tantrum" I had last month was eye opening to me. I took alot of pills and drank and was sick for days. She told me she cant deal with...
  20. J

    New member

    Hello, My name is Joshi im a 29yo male from the Netherlands. I am doing my introduction on this page because i have borderline and dont find it usefull to introduce in the general section. The Dutch websites arnt rlly active and the few people on there arnt what im looking for. In short: most...