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  1. Z

    I got kicked out of a liquor store... (adhd, caffeine addiction, anxiety, depression, depression) I DON’T understand why I can’t get over it...

    I’m writing this because nothing like this has happened to me before, and I’m pretty freaked out about how I reacted. I’m writing this because I wanted to know if anything like this happened to anyone here, and if you might have any advice? I only have theories about why I reacted this way...
  2. KTCarrott

    Effects of stopping drinking alcohol.

    Hey! I new to this forum, and also new to the BPD diagnosis. I have stopped drinking alcohol, it has been around 5 months now, as I found it made me very vulnerable, to making very bad and self destructive decisions, including promiscuity, and self harm, and just putting myself in general...
  3. S

    Worried about bipolar girlfriend consuming alcohol

    Hi all, I have been together with my girlfriend for about 6 months now. She has been diagnosed with bipolar last summer, I don't know which type to be honest. Now that we have been living together for about 2 months I start to notice the sympoms and how they affect her behavior. I love her...
  4. S

    Things were going really well but....

    I started taking zoloft about 5 weeks ago for generalized anxiety and social anxiety and after about 2 weeks on it i started to feel amazing. The main problem i have with my anxiety is it causes me alot of physical symptoms that make me feel like im living every day with the worst hangover ever...
  5. K

    Partner with PTSD: How to be stronger/more resilient

    Hi everyone, A little over 2.5 years ago, my girlfriend was physically assaulted by her boss at work. Afterwards she was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depression. This is on top of an existing diagnosis of ADHD. I have been trying my best to provide care and support, while also trying to keep...
  6. Y

    Views and Experiences on SSRI's please

    Hi, I have GAD and have had for many years. As a lot of you will know, its horrible. I have been prescribed anti depressants in the past but have always been reluctant to take them. A few of the reasons are that I have heard the horror stores about what happens when you try and come off them...
  7. P

    Weight Gain (PLEASE HELP)

    I think I'm eating too much. My medication is supposedly the least weight-gain of them all, but I don't believe it. I've gained a lot of weight these past three years. I used to be at 98lbs. Now I'm closer to 150 (our scale broke so I don't know for sure). I went from a comfy size 0 to a size...
  8. J

    Anxiety getting worse again

    Hey everyone! This may come off as a rant but here goes. I (27F) suffer from anxiety. 2 years ago (when I could afford to!) I spent a lot of time with a therapist working towards these issues. I feel like my symptoms are getting worse again and I would just like to know what to do or...
  9. S

    Undiagnosed but pretty sure and trapped

    Well I don't really know how to start this or what I aim to get out of registering and posting here but I do know I have to try to do something - anything -different before I lose it. So this might get long winded but I appreciate anybody who reads and replies. This predictably may get a bit...
  10. X

    alcohol abuse and Acamprosate

    Can I ask if anyone has tried this medication for alcohol abuse. I'm seeing a support worker for my issue with alcohol and the Dr put me on Acamprosate
  11. Ivory_NK

    Severe BPD

    I'm suffering in every way imaginable severe depression mania paranoia insomnia anger constantly living in fear and constantly depressed to top it off theres nothing i love better than numbing my emotions with alcohol, but i become a complete nutcase and recently got out of prison because of...
  12. M

    Had alcohol while still on meds, how bad is it?

    So I have been taking some meds prescribed by a neurologist for about a year, because of an anxiety crisis which also had some strange effects on my body (pain spikes, fasciculations, etc), and consequently to me thinking I had a ton of bad diseases and condition. For the last 3 months I have...
  13. B

    It’s all so stupid!

    Today I was meant to be going to a meeting to help me control my drinking. I’m not an alcoholic, but I use alcohol unhealthily to self medicate for anxiety, and, with my BPD and trouble controlling my impulses, it’s occasionally pretty dangerous. I turned up early to the community centre and...
  14. B

    Losing my mind

    Retracted post. Good luck all.
  15. S

    Alcohol problem

    I'm not an alcoholic as such but I have been drinking every night for years and have become seriously obese because of this. In May I decided enough was enough, cut down the alcohol, got a turbo trainer for my neglected bike and set about loosing weight. I have lost 1.5 stones, lost 10" off my...
  16. PurpleDaffodils

    Worrying Myself

    I love to eat in general and always have. After suffering from severe depression and anxiety I gained lots of weight. I know I needed to lose weight but had no motivation. After getting out of my bad situation and coming to terms with everything that happened to me I am now dealing with anxiety...
  17. B

    Using alcohol and drugs to cope.

    Hello all Not sure if this is the right section or not, but posting anyway. It seems like I only cry for help when I am intoxicated, on drugs or alcohol. I only get seen by a medical professional when I am intoxicated because that is the only time I call out. Everyone thinks I have a...
  18. E

    Do you use alcohol whilst suffering from BPD?

    I’ve noticed I binge drink if I’m feeling down or if I’m on a high and I want it to last so I become quite impulsive and self destructive with things that I do. I’m just wondering if others with BPD have a problem with alcohol at all? How do you react to alcohol? Are you left feeling very...
  19. Cazcat

    Fertility Treatment and Mental Illness

    Hi, wasn't quite sure where to put this. Just wondering if there's anyone with a serious mental illness who has been/is going through fertility treatment. My husband and I have just been referred to the fertility clinic and the GP has warned us that they will do extensive digging into both our...
  20. Run Like Hell


    My mother has passed and as well as dealing with that deep sadness I will have to face dozens of her friends and my wider family at her funeral. I feel utter terror at this and feel like resorting to alcohol even though I should not be using it because of the medication I'm on.