1. K


    Ok so an update on my agoraphobia, last year was absolutely hell I never went out panicked all time, Stayed in vertully all year, I asked for help last year but I never went along with it. Never went know where in doors in my prison in my own misery, looking out window seeing people getting on...
  2. M

    Hello fellow Agoraphobiacs and Panickers!

    Hi, I came across this forum while searching through the web for information on PDA (Panic disorder and Agoraphobia). I've been suffering from PDA for almost five years now and quite frankly it's starting to annoy me. It all began after suffering a series of panic attacks within the space of...
  3. Victorianna

    At the Agoraphobia Convention :)

  4. C

    Hi! I have anxiety all the time since moving to a large city.

    Depression and anxiety since moving to a new city. I especially have trouble going out on my own. Panic attacts, etc. I'm almost beginning to think I have agoraphobia. I know it need to conquer it by just facing it, but it's so scary. I've had depression and anxiety off and on for years...
  5. L

    Developing friendships when you have agoraphobia and social anxiety

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and I think this is a heavy post for my first time posting, but here it goes. I'm hoping for some advice about trying to make a friend. I'm sure to a normal person, this would be super easy, but I'm not normal. :rolleyes: When I was in my teens, I was diagnosed with...
  6. D

    New, agoraphobic and depressed!

    Hi there! I’m a new poster and I suffer with agoraphobia, panic disorder/anxiety and depression (a lovely combination I know!). Now as I look back I’ve suffered from anxiety issues for most of my life although I wasn’t fully aware of this for a very long time. I’ve been clinically depressed...
  7. B

    Agoraphobia - has anyone ever just stuck it out ?

    Can’t travel more than like half a mile from my home in a car because I don’t feel safe and further away from my home than that because I can’t just run straight home if I panic :( Has anyone ever just gone along and fought through the feared situation? What happened? Does the anxiety just go...
  8. T


    Hello, I was diagnosed with agoraphobia a few years ago. I've gotten alot better, but I tend to fall back into "my comfort zone". I don't have all the typical symptoms of agoraphobia. I don't panic when I have to leave but I do get severe agitation and make life miserable for me and everyone...
  9. M

    Hypertension and

    Hi guys, My dad has been fighting Agoraphobia, panic attacks, ptsd...for 20 years now. He is 43, he has been in war at very young age 17-21, and shortly after got his first panic attack. He has had his ups and downs with agoraphobia. Currently, he cannot go further than 5 miles from our home...
  10. Homebound87


    Hi. I've been dealing with agoraphobia,depression,anxiety,panic attacks and social anxiety. I am very alone in this. I'm ashamed of all of this. I've tried to get help for the depression,panic attacks 11 yrs ago and it was very miserable they had me on so many meds my body shut dwn and I ended...
  11. Homebound87

    Tired of living in fear

    I'm new here. I'm scared everyday. I hardly leave my house. I've been hiding my fear of leaving my house and my depression for quite some time. I cannot leave my house alone. I'd I have too it's with my husband or my sister in law. There the only ones I've ever talked to but they don't really...
  12. J


    My name is James I am 41 and have just been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and depression. I also have agoraphobia and am house bound. Glad to be here.
  13. M

    What are other people's triggers for agoraphobia?

    Hi, I'm Mike, I've just gotten a diagnosis of anxiety disorder and agoraphobia a few weeks ago. Then I started wondering, as I'm about to start the therapy sessions, what do other people expierience? What are your triggers? Mine are large squares (not if they are crowded), travelling by train...
  14. O

    Am I agoraphobic?

    I'm sure many people come here to ask that. I'm having trouble pinpointing exactly what it is that I'm struggling with. I'm constantly afraid of having another panic attack, and I despise leaving my home. BUT, if I'm home alone without my husband, I want nothing more than to leave. However the...
  15. J


    Hello I am Amy, I have Agoraphobia, Social anxiety i am housebound and feeling so low and desperate for help. I Been to see my Gp and and will be getting some type of CBT soon ive got to point i have given all hope of getting any better. I get panic attacks in the mornings for some strange...
  16. S

    Working from Home

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site, but already people's posts on their own anxiety has made me feel somewhat calm. I am currently under the doctors being diagnosed for an illness including constant nausea and feeling lightheaded. With this illness has come anxiety over going out with friends...
  17. B

    Who (what job title) offers in home support for agoraphobia, ptsd, hikikomori, recluse in UK?

    Who (what job title) offers in home support for agoraphobia, ptsd, hikikomori, recluse in UK? Who (what job title) offers in home support for agoraphobia, ptsd, hikikomori, recluse in UK? Hello. I'm finally reaching out on this website. I have grown very conflicted and often can't find the...
  18. H

    How to deal with Agoraphobia

    Hello, my name is Michael and I'm 23. I hope you are doing well. Long story short: I've been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 8 years ago and I've been taking meds for that condition such as Abilify and Paroxetine (+ Ambien & Bromazepam). Recently I discovered that what I really suffer from is...
  19. I

    What kind of help should i seek?

    Hello. I suffer from depression, agoraphobia and obsessions. Should I visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist? I have never searched for help before.
  20. H

    Recent diagnosis of anxiety, depression and agoraphobia

    I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. I have started medication which seems to be making everything 10x harder at the moment, I just want to know do you start to feel better, do things improve and is anyone else going through the same thing?