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  1. I'm Kate

    forgetting who 'me' is

    Hello all Declaring today as a 'stay in bed' day which Is the right thing for me right now, and hubby and sons are absolutely fine with that. But am just feeling a great loss about the old me and I can't see I'll ever be that person again. I used to be care-free and genuinely happy.... but...
  2. H

    PLEASE HELP!!! I have to quit my job & don't know how to!! :**-(

    Hi there. Any advise at all would be greatly appreciated.... a little over three months ago I started a front desk job at a local hotel. This has been my first job in three years. Recently, things have changed and my anxiety has gotten to the point where I cry in the middle of the night because...
  3. I

    Relapsing - need help

    Today I've been struggling with dark thoughts and feelings, which I thought I'd put to rest months ago. I stopped self harming almost 3 months ago because I got a diary and started writing all my emotions down on paper, and that's worked for a while. But I never stick to anything and diary...
  4. A

    New Member here

    Hi My name is Anna M. I live in the Seattle area. I was diagnosed with depression 3 years ago. First doctor told me it was Vitamin D deficiency. I am on an anti depressant. I went to the urgent care yesterday. Twice in the last 2 weeks I have had these anxiety attacks. Nothing brings them on...
  5. M


    Hello all, I have recently signed up and made a couple of posts, one of which has been referred to the moderators - slightly daunting. I did include a (relevant and helpful) hyperlink though, could this be why? So, a bit about me. I had a major breakdown a few years ago and appeared to recover...
  6. E

    Those who have had CBT -- I have a question!

    Hello, I posted here a while ago and I remembered how helpful and supportive you all were, so I hope no one minds if I ask for help once more. It would be really appreciated. I had a course of CBT for my GAD, which ended 3 weeks ago. I felt great at first-- like I was much more in control and...
  7. T

    Help with nerves

    Hi, I have found myself getting really nervous and uncomfortable round people. As far as I can remember it started about 2 years ago, I have always been a little nervous when meeting new people. But now I'm getting really uncomfortable and nervous around close friends and even family to the...