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  1. J

    Advice sought

    Wondering if anyone can advise me please. My mum is 84 she has health problems which consist of COPD & overactive thyroid, all managed well with inhalers and medication. My mum is mentally very fit, does crosswords and puzzles and knits beautiful garments following intense knitting patterns. 4...
  2. F

    Scrambled Thinking

    Hi, I have some issues with my thinking process that I find hard to articulate...but will give it a try: my thoughts are completely scrambled -- I'll be sitting trying to read or some other activity requiring concentration when a thought will pop in my head that references a memory from 20-25...
  3. Cazcat

    Anxiety is back

    I had treatment for my PTSD just over 12 months ago and the flashbacks and anxiety completely resolved at the time. About a month ago I started to get anxious, but there were good reasons for the anxiety and it didn't seem out of proportion or irrational to the situation. A couple of weeks...
  4. H

    Is this PTSD

    Hi I wander if someone could advise. 16 years ago I had a massive breakdown. Medication pulled me out of it. I had episodes of depression for years which became more and more mild. Four years ago my depression fizzled out and a few months later anxiety kicked in. It comes and goes. I become...
  5. B

    I wish you knew this

    The love of my life or at least what I was believing it was the love of my life broke with me times ago, long enough to let her go from my soul. However, today I was feeding from a sweet memory about her, a thing I did long ago, when I was still hoping that we will spend our lifes together and...
  6. H

    Struggling with anxiety

    Many years ago I had my first episode of depression and anxiety. It was so horrific it traumatised me. I have episodes of anxiety now. My problem is sleep. I seem to have a sleep phobia which produced horrible symptoms all those years ago. Because my sleep has started to play up i am terrified...
  7. J


    Hello I'm a man of 31 years, I suffer from anxiety and depression for at least 2 years, I joined here to find opinions and express my experience ... ... I used antidepressants such as zoloft with good results, and brintellix (less good) ... ... unfortunately almost a year ago my already existing...
  8. B

    Want a New Existence

    Mental illness is fucking bullshit and I'm not going to put up with it. That's why I'm going to kill myself. I don't want to have to take pills for my sanity. I want a better fucking existence than this one. I'm not getting paid as much as I want. I'm not having good times, its all bullshit. I...
  9. M

    Could I have a personality disorder?

    Hi everyone. I’m not really sure which forum I should be posting this in as I don’t yet know what the issue is. However, I’m hoping you guys might be able to help. I’ve suffered from low mood and negative thought patterns my whole life, and was diagnosed with anxiety about 6 years ago, which...
  10. S

    How can I pull myself together?Depression is killing me!!

    Hello kind stranger who is reading this. I am an 18-year-old female and I am new to this forum. And well, I’ve been depressed for about 5 years now and at the beginning I was crying myself to sleep every night and convinced myself that I am useless and just wasting everyone’s time - the usual...
  11. A

    Newbie here from the UK.

    Hi guys and girls. Just popping in to say hello, I have been diagnosed with BPD now for 12 years but to be honest with what happened all through my childhood I have lived with it all of my life well most of from the age of 10, it was 12years ago I nearly had a breakdown as a lot of trauma...
  12. P

    mood is uncontrolable

    So yeah, I am really struggling with my mood right now. I am having a shit time at the moment with lack of support and a good friend who has ignored me for months. I have messaged every so often and I have just realised it's ever since I told her about my BPD that she didn't bother replying...
  13. I

    Hello, Relapsing after 12m+

    Hi, I'm not sure where to start. I was diagnosed with ADD 2 years ago and 3 months ago I was further diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome/Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I've been on medication since I was 12. I suffer from a lot of compulsive based issues and I feel quite lonely as adult support is...
  14. S

    sertraline and sleeping

    Hi everyone. I was prescribed sertraline about 6 weeks ago and my GP increased it to 100mg just 2 weeks ago, since it was increased I have had trouble staying asleep, I have been waking up at 5am every morning. Is this normal and does anyone else have trouble with sleep? xx
  15. C

    Anxiety becoming debilitating

    Hi all, Just need to thrash all of this out, because my anxiety is becoming so overwhelming I feel as though I'm losing sight of myself and unable to keep a balance. If I'm honest, I have always had issues with anxiety and maintaining a healthy level of self esteem. My self esteem often goes...
  16. D

    Has anyone tried CAT therapy?

    I've decided to try and go for CAT therapy? (private) as I'm not entitled to any therapy on the NHS because I completed DBT three years ago I an supposed to be 'cured' so ive had no choice to fund myself. Willing to do so if it delivers results. Thanks
  17. W

    I need your help to find out if it is schizophrenia

    this is my story i was always emotional boy in my childhood i was very quiet and shy sometimes i had depresions in my life but everything became clear about 4 months ago ok lets start. i love reading informations 2 years ago i came across information about autism signs i thought i was autistic...
  18. C

    Interpretation of a time frame DSM5 phrase

    In short: DSM5 says "a diagnosis of schizophrenia can be made only if the symptoms are prominent and are present for at least 1 month (and last more than 6 months)." Does this phase mean that during that one month the symptoms should be present frequently on an almost daily basis? Or the...
  19. C

    Struggling with supporting partner with mental health

    Hello, my partner was sectioned 3 weeks ago and I am struggling to understand it. I knew that he had a breakdown 15 years ago before I met him but I thought it was a one off due to stress. It came out of the blue for me and now I want to support him but don't know how to deal with the cruel...
  20. J


    Can anyone please help or share their experience. I lost a lot of weight in a week. Due to flu. 2 years ago. Took about 2 months or 3 maybe to put the weight back on. I dont know as dont have scales i house weighed myself in work when i came back dont know how good scales are. Not planned. I...