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  1. M

    18 traumas and counting

    5 years ago I was diagnosed with complex PTSD. Complex meaning I not only have flashbacks but disassociate on a regular basis for a few hours at a time in which I have no idea what I do. Sometimes i come home with injuries that I can't explain. They have been known to last for up to 6hours and...
  2. H

    Am I crazy?

    So I've been diagnosed with Bpd and I was on meds for a while but I stopped and I thought I was doing better. I try to be more mindful before I react to negative emotions. Anyway a few weeks ago I asked my brother if I can have some stuff delivered to his place and he basically said no because...
  3. R

    Building a better boat

    I have suffered in silence for as far back as I can remember. I was close to ending it a few months ago until I decided to seek help. I have severe anxiety and depression problems. I’m starting to pull out of it a bit.
  4. D

    Anxiety is a little out of control

    Hi a little bit about me, well I started with anxiety nearly ten years ago I had s few problems and everything got on top of me through work with a counsellor and doctor I managed to overcome this I’ve been on sertraline for the ten years to now all of a sudden I feel like I’m slipping back in...
  5. O

    Bpd traits

    Hello, I am new here. I have suffered from mental health issues for as long as I can remember, suffered a complete breakdown 13 years ago but recovered from it slowly. 2 years ago I have been told that I have bpd traits and I mostly suffer from intense rejection, real or imagined which gives me...
  6. J

    Schizophrenia Is A Marker For Bad Genes ...

    Which is complete nonsense. (Just something I read a while ago.) What's the most stupid thing you have heard about having your condition/illness?
  7. C

    I thought I was making progress...

    I posted in the introduction forum the other week after having a really bad panic attack nearly a month ago now. For a while there after really fighting with my mind (thinking positive things) I started to feel better. I could calm myself down when I felt a little anxious and it meant it...
  8. L

    Intense depression keeps coming on in waves during relapse

    I just need some support and reassurance...2 years ago I suffered a major breakdown and fell into a stubborn agitated depression. I've spent the last 2 years recovering and I did a pretty good job, but a week ago i relapsed triggered after having my wisdom teeth out. It tore apart my routine and...
  9. M

    Haloperidol/Haldol Withdrawal

    Apologies, but I am not sure where my questions belong. Although it is to do with Haloperidol/Haldol, it involves depression. As well as that, I have suffered from depression for several decades. I was prescribed Serenace (Haloperidol/Haldol) 1.5mg day for a nervous tic about fifty years ago...
  10. K

    Driving phobia... not going away

    Hi, new member here. Sharing what I'm going though and looking for thoughs or suggestions. I sudenly stoped to be able to drive 4 years ago. I had been avoiding motorways since maybe 7 years ago but other roads were fine. I wasn't involved in any accident and I've checked every physical...
  11. D


    Hi. Im new to the forum so just wanted to introduce myself. Im 29 and have ocd. I suffered really badly at the age of 11 when my mum and dad split but then the compulsions gradually got less without me really working at them too much. I got with my boyfriend (now ex) 7 years ago. Long story...
  12. S

    New PTSD diagnosis

    Hi everybody, this is my very first time posting on a forum but I thought I'd see if it helps. I had an assessment last week with my local community mental health team and have been diagnosed with PTSD. This isn't a big surprise as GPs have mentioned this a few times in the past but I've always...
  13. M

    Recovery setbacks - why do they happen?

    This depression episode has been the worst I've experienced. For months I could barely function, think, remember. Slowly, my health is improving. Six weeks ago I fell back into uncontrollable crying and despair for days. My psychiatrist adjusted my meds and added clonazepam regularly. That...
  14. J

    New and need help.

    Hello all. Grateful to have found this forum. A little about me. I've had a long history of GAD/panic/health anxiety, previously treated with mirtazepine but discontinued a few years ago to conceive our now 2 1/2 year old. Everything had been wonderful until a year ago when the panic and...
  15. T

    Just Me

    Hello everyone, This is my first day here on the forums, just here to check it out and see if it can be useful for me. Due to privacy reasons, I am not going to identify myself by my first name, so just calling me "tiredofmyself" is just fine. I am joining this forum because I have dealt...
  16. B

    I'm scared to say

    that I have PTSD. My counsellor diagnosed me last week and reading up on the symptoms it makes sense and in a way and it feels nice to know that what I'm feeling is normal given what happened to me. However I can't tell anyone as I fear of being labelled and letting people down as everyone...
  17. M

    when does this stop :(

    Hi guys, was just looking for some advice on how to stop feeling so down all of the time.. haven't felt myself in ages since a break up over a year ago.. constantly feel like nothing is going to make it better and I'm never going to be happy :(
  18. M

    What should I do? Healthcare not taking me seriously

    I'm fed up with Swedish healthcare. A few years ago I was given a psychiatrist who essentially did nothing but tell me that I'm making up my concerns and I should just get over them. Three weeks ago I was driven to an acute psychiatric hospital in Stockholm after contacting a local healthcare...
  19. J

    Severe nausea and vomiting on anti depressants

    Hi there, About 4 weeks ago I started taking Venlaflaxine after my long term medication (Sertraline) stopped working about a year ago and also Citalopram and Mirtrazpine had no effect in past year. I became severely nauseus on the Venlaflaxine/Effexor, I only took it for a week or so (last...
  20. N

    Ruminating/worry/irrational thoughts/panic

    Hi all been looking for site like this for a while and just never stumbled across it! Glad I have now 😀. So I've dealt with panic disorder for about 10years now with varying levels of success. Have tried all the pills and potions, benzos, barbiturates, sedating antihistamines, beta blockers...