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  1. A


    Hi I hate to trouble anyone. But I've been having agitation so bad I tried to commit myself. I feel like constantly pacing although I sleep thanks to my medicine this is pretty bad. I was just wondering if anyone ever felt that way too? Cuz I want to know that there is a life after this. Thank...
  2. S

    Anxiety and agitation

    I'm feeling seriously agitation as well as anxious and have sh'd but the anxiety and agitation continues, I'm feeling hopeless and what's the point in continuing :(
  3. P

    Overcoming concentration issues and agitation

    Hi all, I am new to the mental forums. It's very nice to be here. I hope all of you are having an excellent day. If not, I hope it will improve swiftly. I'm making this post to receive some assistance. As a consequence of taking aripiprazole (abilify), I am suffering from a lack of...
  4. T

    I'm So F#(*$*# Bored

    Anyone have any entertainment advice? I've posted this question on tumblr before, but most of the time people think I'm pretty crazy and don't reply. I tend to get psychomotor agitation when I am bored though, and I want to do something to myself which is not so nice. It's my day off and I am...
  5. T

    Medications losing effectiveness over time

    This has been the worst for Zyprexa. When I added it to my medication cocktail coming into Spring last year, it basically prevented my annual Spring mania from ever blossoming. And that was with only 2.5mg. However, five months later, agitation levels began sneaking back up again. Before too...
  6. C

    Doctor upped my sertraline despite it making me hypo manic

    Hi since the doctor upped my sertraline I've been getting these symptoms, he upped them from 50 to 100mg, I complained to the doctor and gave him my symptoms and he upped the sertraline to 150mg and referred me to social services These are my symptoms- Amazing happiness Can't keep still/had...
  7. F

    How to manage agitation in dementia?

    How to manage agitation in dementia? Br Jl Psy.2014.Dec 02.12.2014 Agitation is a common symptom in dementia. Nearly half of patients with dementia will have agitation symptoms every month and a vast majority will have persistent agitation for long periods.It reduce the quality of life...
  8. B

    If I wasnt insane before I will be now

    Disclaimer!: Hey guys, this is a long post, so I summarized everything in bold, if you want to read details just read down. I'm really scared I might be in the phase of schizophrenia :( I understand I can't get a diagnosis here but someone talk some sense into me if possible please History of...
  9. B

    If I wasn't insane before now I will be soon

    Disclaimer!: Hey guys, this is a long post, so I summarized everything in bold, if you want to read details just read down. I'm really scared I might be in the phase of schizophrenia :( I understand I can't get a diagnosis here but someone talk some sense into me if possible please History of...
  10. F

    Alternatives to medication for agitation in dementia

    Alternatives to medication for agitation in dementia - The Mental Elf
  11. F

    Musical interaction brings harmony to dementia patients

    Vera and Jack Burrows met as teenagers. "Childhood sweethearts," said Vera, brightly. "Then he dumped me when I was 17 and married someone else and we didn't see each other for 54 years. We were at a dance and he said: 'Is that you, Vera? I can recognise you from your thick ankles!'" Despite...
  12. loulabelle


    I was prescribed this to help with the agitation when i was in hospital for a mixed state as its highly adductive i tappered the dose down an stoped ot once i felt better. Im on the bad end of hypomanic episode and feeling extreamly agitated again I cant speak to my doctor as its the weekend...
  13. F

    ECT quells dementia-associated agitation

    http://www.clinicalpsychiatrynews.com/news/geriatric-psychiatry/single-article/ect-quells-dementia-associated-agitation/4584c68e36fe12a3518e5f08fa2bb750.html#.Uza3vVXRXhU.twitter I think i'd have been unhappy if someone had suggested this for my wife.
  14. M

    feeling high high high

    Im felling what I through was coming on for some time now. Today I cannot sit still my leg is always rocking and my hands are shaking that much im struggling to hold anything. As I've wrote the wife too the car of me as I was looking at mopeds nitro rc cards chainsaws and strimmers. This gives...
  15. T

    Define "Agitation"

    Could you please tell me what it means to you to feel agitation? (In a bipolar sense) Thanks Xx
  16. F

    Agitation and Neuroleptics

  17. J

    Psychomotor agitation - examples?

    Hi there! I'm new to this forum. My name is Jayson Greene; I'm a music journalist, and I'm writing a piece about my experiences with psychomotor agitation and music. I've got a lifelong relationship to both ;) I am cyclothymic, and I've demonstrated psychomotor agitation since I was old enough...
  18. rasselas.redux

    I feel an adventure coming on...

    The wonderful thing about recovering to the point of living with symptoms without drugs is you don't lose that most important human quality: spontaneity for all the dirgeful suffering and agitation and painful seemingly ceaseless lows... and dreadful social faux pas'... i retain that inner...
  19. razza


    For the last few weeks - I'm not sure when exactly it started - I have noticed i get this plain awful unpleasant sensation. I can't really describe it, it's like a pressure or tension, maybe a clawing stretching sensation like something is pulling at the muscles and tendons, and I usually end up...
  20. F

    Humour therapy for agitation in dementia

    Humour therapy is as effective as widely used antipsychotic drugs in managing agitation in patients with dementia - and avoids serious drug side effects, a new study to be presented this week at the National Dementia Research Forum shows. The first major study of the impact of humour therapy on...