1. N

    Builders - On A Temporary (Roof men) I meant, Basis/Noise

    Hi Folks, I have discovered, well rediscovered my trick, for blocking out the sounds of roof work men, at the moment, for next door neighbours, to listen to my head phones of a different musical currently to prevent the hacking and the banging sounds filtering through to me. So hopefully, and...
  2. N

    Recovery of Szchiophrenia - This time of year

    Hi Folks, I'm very well. No problems to report. Mind you yesterday, through my problems of painful sinuses, I accidentally missed off, having breakfast. Ouch, anyway, I rectified that today. I have had lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner though. The only slight issue I have regarding this...
  3. N

    Anxieties - Brexit!!!!

    Hi Afternoon, Folks, I haven't been a happy one as of late,recently. What with the rechid senario or saga, of Brexit, I have been too anxious, in terms of , medication, and the links between me, GP service, and the Chemist, now what with Brext, I am so anxious, in case of and I wouldn't like...
  4. N

    Panicky - slightly whilst out shopping this afternoon

    Hi Evening Folks, I had a bit of a panick attack, this afternoon, whilst out locally again. I had been in a well known pharmacy store, I had only just arrived in, and all of the sudden, bearing in mind, I was in the morning, (bit of a long story) and nothing occurred then, there was a over the...
  5. boudreauj4

    Feeling better today

    Hi folks, I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday I apparently forgot to take my medicine the night before AND I forgot to take it yesterday morning too. Then I had a busy morning and afternoon working outside in the 93 degree heat. By mid afternoon I felt dizzy and I kept getting chills and...
  6. A

    Feeling low and depressed

    I've just come back from a holiday with family. Now back in my own supported flat. I am feeling really low and depressed and missing my family. Life feels so cruel. I ended up sleeping Monday afternoon through to Tuesday morning, which meant I missed one day's medication (for which I feel...
  7. S


    Exactly that :mad: I did call my GP this morning and I have appointment at 3:30 this afternoon. Not felt like this in months.
  8. N

    Sinus Medicine - Abilify

    Good afternoon folks, I had been very annoyed this afternoon, due to the fact, I was out to my other area where we are registered with our chemist and chemist shop combined there, I discovered most annoyingly, that because there is something within the Abilify, I just can't have Sudafed...
  9. Bedsocks


    I am 11 months on lamotrigine now and at 150mg and stopping here for the moment. I have a problem with falling asleep in the afternoon and feel I have no choice but to sleep because I cannot move a muscle. My eyes become so heavy and I cannot stand noise or really anything. I have to turn...
  10. I

    so fed up

    Hi fed people at work taking the mic for example I was roted in garden in morning and left in garden in afternoon whilst other staff disqpeae in afternoon I'm really being taken mic outoff
  11. N

    Indirect Health Incident/Current Toll of Shocks and Stresses - Psorasis

    Indirect Health Incident/Current Toll of Shocks and Stresses - Psorasis Hi Folks, I'm unwell at the moment, I managed to gain, a appointment allocation for this afternoon late afternoon. My psorais condiiton is not improving, I have placed on my scalp application, however, adn this is why...
  12. N

    Bad Weather/Sinussituses/Leg Problems/Medication = Irribility, Severe

    HI Folks, I have become irritible this morning. Possibly due to mainly dry skin condiiton, or because also, feeling low and rotten weather wise; had a bout of very painful sinusistuses yesterday earlier in the afternoon - and leg pain problems, the leg is very much easier now, and also...
  13. N

    GP Appointment

    HI all, I have since phoned earlier this morning, the GP service, they couldn't fit me in for an advance one for a particular GP, I wished for, in May, so it has been booked for the 5th of June, in the afternoon. For broaching any problematic situations, I prefer to see this one, than my...
  14. N

    Anxiety or Reynolds - perhaps both?

    Hi everyone, Admittedly there was a low helicopter this afternoon, earlier on; for about the most of the best of the whole week, last week, I couldn't sleep very well, and this afternoon, my hands were shaking like a leaf, if I held something, the shakiness would be very strong. Then...
  15. Burgundy

    Good afternoon

    Hello, I wish it was a good afternoon but i know that it could be worse than this as i am at home where i live alone and i am coping with the tremendous heap of stuff that life has thrown at me. I never knew how important having my flat was. I have come here because i am very lonely and have...
  16. N

    Feeling Very Tired/Shattered, via accross my week

    HI everyone, I am feeling very tired, shattered today. I don't know whether if it is because I had to nurse and with mum's help as well, my couple and a particular infection, one on my shoulder, so I was going through the days, going back and forth with that within at home, or whether, if it...
  17. Tired Daisy

    Gonna be sleeping rough tonight

    I know that this sounds crazy but I've found 5 freaky massive spiders. I hate spiders I just spent the last 2 hours freaking out, there so creepy and move so fast I don't wanna sleep in my house tonight and will be sleeping rough if I can't find somewhere else to sleep for tonight. My support...
  18. Niniane

    Eating Disorders messing up with my life

    Hi, I've been having ED ever since I was 15. Either I'm eating too much, either I'm not eating at all. I haven't been able to gain control, and am now really overweight. I've seen doctors, but it didn't help. I saw my psychologist and my nurse this afternoon (I'm in an hospital where you go...
  19. B

    Why doesn't someone notice? I think they do and just ignore it because it is me

    Why doesn't someone notice? I think they do and just ignore it because it is me For the last five years I have worked a minum of 6 days a week- split shift. No vacation, definitely no weekends - and no over time pay for the holidays. I have worked three shifts in one day too. My doctor offered...
  20. T

    Caffeine, good or bad?

    I don't really drink much caffeine as I'm very sensitive. I've been feeling like a zombie. When i get up I'm tired, then I go to work feeling tired and crappy. I've been having one coffee, but mostly decaff with a bit of caff, just to perk me up but not make me wired. It helps me feel more...