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  1. M

    What A Shaman Sees In A Mental Hospital

    What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital - Expanded Consciousness Who's going to Africa with me? :)
  2. M


    How do other people respond when asked things like "what have you done to your arms?" I have quite a good story if children ask "well, I was in Africa once and a massive tiger wanted me for his dinner.." But I have no idea what to say to adults?!
  3. Cricket


    hi i'm new here and live at Gordonsbay in South Africa. Would like to hear from you.
  4. Scared with BPD

    Wouldn't it be great if we could limit testosterone!

    Think of where the really bad warring stuff starts? Yes, greed and materialism plays a great part, but honestly, how many women do you know that stalk and rape men? Wouldn't women with our more logical brains have stopped all this nonsense a long time ago. How many War Ladies do you hear of...
  5. A

    Please participate on my Blog Poll

    Hi from South Africa, I have put up a Poll on my blog at http://alcoholism-alifesentence.bl... It deals with the tricky question of Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. How related are they? Are we depessed or drunk first? Are we always drunk because we are Anxious and Addicted? How...
  6. A

    ECT and me. A good ending.

    Hi from South Africa, I had ECT a few years and I can only say thank goodness. It saved my life. I know it is controversial and even banned in some countries. [URL="http://alcoholism-alifesentence.blogspot.com/2008/07/recovery-from-alcoholism-and-depression_12.html"[/URL] has the full story. I...