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  1. B

    Hi Ya'll

    Hello there. I've just plucked up the courage to join here after looking around to see what's going on. I've struggled with my mental health for over 20 years :low: Due to various traumas that have impacted me emotionally growing up. Which in turn affects my confidence communicating +...
  2. A

    problems filling in esa50 form.

    Hi all. I have to fill in my esa50 form to see if I still qualify for the benefits I am on, I have done this quite a few times in the past, but this year I do not know what to write. I am experiencing a level of depression beyond anything that I have experienced before and I just do not know...
  3. A

    99% of population do not know nothing about withdrawals (even opioid junkies)

    99% of population do not know nothing about withdrawals (even opioid junkies) Hi there! Has any one self harmed due the extraterrestial reflections and DID? I did and I realised after my suicide attempt a few things. This (not the or that) DID wasn't concequence of my drug habit, it occur after...
  4. mami5

    Universal Credit

    Has anyone had their benefits changed to universal credit? Or does anyone have any experience or knowledge about it that they would like to share please? The reason I ask is that the BBC wants to film an interview with me tomorrow morning regarding my views/concerns about this. It has not...
  5. K

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, I'm a female from Indonesia. I don't know whether I really have any mental health issues or not because I've never done a checkup, ever. I think it's still uncommon for us here to do mental checkup or consultation, or maybe I've been living under a rock lol. I always try my best not to be...
  6. S

    At a loss

    I suffer from ptsd brought on by watching my best friend being struck/killed by a car while we were crossing a street in a schoolzone crosswalk when I was 15 (I'm now 34), and ever since I've battled with severe anxiety and bi-polar depression. My anxiety affects everything in my life because...
  7. L

    How does Bipolar personally affect your life?

    I kind of feel I need to know what others experience, to try and understand myself and see that it's not just my brain that does this stuff (as I'm aware it's not.) What is your personal experience of how bipolar affects your life? Do you have any coping mechanisms? Recovery strategies? Tips?
  8. Black Sheep

    Hearing Evil voices Riddled solved for me !

    Check this out first time I really set down and tried to research this just been theorizing on my own up until finding this forum. So to get to my point tonight I Googled transmission of subliminal conversation via high frequency and found some awesome back up to my theory. I found a book called...
  9. C

    I've quit smoking

    It's 12.23 am and i put out my last cigarette at 11:50. I can do this. I'm going to keep a diary of my quit and how it affects my mental state.
  10. A


    I wasn't sure where to post this so I thought other might be a good spot... How do you manage mental health in relation to hypothyroidism? I know that when hormones are off it affects mental health, but I feel like it's more complicated than high hormones=anxiety and low hormones=depression...
  11. P

    Meds and side effects (fed up )

    I'm on respiridone, anefrenal and lyrical going on 7 years for my ocd intrusive thoughts and anxiety just sick of the side affects of medication just wondering has anyone being in this situation that wants off there meds
  12. K

    Can't cope with the physical affects of anxiety

    I can't deal with the physical affects of my anxiety or is there something physical wrong with me. I have had ecgs which all come back normal but I still obsess about my heart and my pulse. Feel dizzy most of the day and my throat feels like it is collapsing does anyone else feel like this? I...
  13. K


    Hi does anyone take mirtazipine? R there many side affects
  14. R

    Feel helpless and a failure most of the time.

    For several years I feel like I've been stuck in such a terrible rut that no matter what I do or try, nothing seems to work. I've been stuck at the same dead end job for several years and I really want to move on because I do have a degree, but I just struggle to obtain something better. I feel...
  15. M

    I'm so hungry!

    I love the new medicine they put me on but now I'm hungry all the time! I'm normally very slender and I'm scared to death now every time I eat something that it will make me grow out of my clothes and I'll have to go shopping for new ones. I hate going shopping for clothes! And I don't want it...
  16. K

    Citalopram to sertraline

    Hello I have suffered with anxiety and depression since last year after suffering a mental breakdown. I have been on citalopram 10mg since then and I still seem to be waking up with anxiety and suffering with it to the point it's controlling my life. I have been advised to try sertraline but...
  17. O

    Hello - just joined up!

    Hi there, found this forum online and have just joined up! A good friend, of mine has just been diagnosed by his GP as being bipolar. He's told those of his friends that may see his alternative moods (sorry, rubbish term) and thankfully, that included me. He's the same age as me and I've known...
  18. M

    staying as an informal patient

    Hi yesterday i was assessed to see whether my setion 2 should be made a section 3 and the good news it was not even though i was totally honest with them about how i was feeling that i still wanted to end my life and that i was thinking about ways of how to do it. I contacted my daughter and...
  19. M


    hello everyone well I went to see the doc today and he said that he would like to try ect has anyone had this treatment and if you have did it work or was there side affects
  20. S

    anxiety, agropohobia and medication

    So my doctor has given me some new medication called trazodone hydrochloride. I was given it yesterday but haven't taken it yet. I haven't been out of my house for just under a year and suffer panic attacks. Has anyone ever taken this medicine, what are the side affects? thank you guys :)