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  1. S

    Affected by deaths in the media

    Today the body of singer Scott Hutchison was found. He was very young, and he committed suicide. His story reminded me very much of my suicide attempts, simply walking away from things with the intention of never coming back. It’s bringing back bad memories for me. It reminds me of when Chris...
  2. S

    The area between the eyebrows and schizophrenia.

    I tested areas of the body that are affected when angry, and discovered that the area most important is the area between the eyebrows. If we press the area with the fingers we find that the patient remains calm and not affected by the positions. I also discovered that this method protects the...
  3. cpuusage

    The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits

    The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits | Telling it as it is "I am temporarily holding and updating Black Triangle’s list of people who have been affected by this governments policy of cuts and sanctions: Please read more about their ethos here: About Black Triangle – Black...
  4. cpuusage

    Understanding and Adapting to the Spiritual Gift of Anxiety

    Understanding and Adapting to the Spiritual Gift of Anxiety : Waking Times M.J. Higby, Contributor Waking Times Arthur Somers Roche once said, “Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.” If you’ve...
  5. J

    Find life so unbearable

    I really struggle with life on a daily basis and go over and over bad things. I saw something on the news the other day and this story really affected me. I don't usually watch the news as i know if there is something terrible that I will get overly affected by it. However I happened to catch...
  6. N

    This is it, can somebody help?

    I have dealt with depression and anxiety for the past 6 years. In high school I would wake up and be sick within minutes from this heavy sense of dread. I absolutely hated (and still hate) myself and have failed to allow myself to enjoy anything. I am now in college and have been placed on...
  7. BorderlineDownunder

    Hidradenitis Supperativa

    im making this a thread because Oh Boy I am having my second round in a handful of months and its stress related and IT HURTS I only have one tiny lesion but have been so unwell I even had my kidneys tested was in A LOT of back pain that weirdly seemed to be ovarian as well still hobbling...
  8. cpuusage

    Is this reasonable?

    Banned from schizophrenia.com again for discussing spirituality & being personally attacked by other members - i said nothing flaming - Here was what one of the mods wrote - I got involved with one of your ilk years back. There was financial damage. It affected my stability. It affected my...
  9. amathus

    Do you have a phobia?

    Around 1.9% of British adults experience a phobia of some description, and women are twice as likely to be affected by this problem as men. (Mental Health Foundation)
  10. L

    New, confused and getting in a state

    Hi Guys I have recently been diagnosed with BPD (although I have known myself for a long time - since being seen by a health professional in another county some years ago). I seem at the moment to be bouncing from one struggle to another but at the moment I need some advice ...... please I...
  11. D

    Im feeling so angry right now

    And its over nothing! Nothing at all! It just feels like my whole body is filled with anger and frustration. I dont feel like i want to act on this anger, im just getting very annoyed with it. Sounds a little strange. Hmm. The only thing i can think of is ive brought up memories from my past...
  12. AliceinWonderland

    Hope everyone is alright (re the last 24 hours) :hug:

    I found it very difficult. Worried it wasn't ever coming back. 24 hours felt a long time. I know the staff were doing all they could, and it's out of their control. Big thanks to them for all their efforts :bravo: Just wanted to create a space for anyone to say how they're feeling without...
  13. fazza

    New benefit cap down to £20000 outside london but ESA support group and dla/pip not affected

    New benefit cap down to £20000 outside london but ESA support group and dla/pip not affected the chancelor has reduced the benifit cap to £23000 in london and £20000 outside london but dont worry if you are in the support group of ESA or getting DLA or PIP as you will not be affected by the...
  14. F

    Appointment coming up-7th July

    With nurse practitioner. Not looking forward to it. She'll probably be negative because I bombed out on the Richmond fellowship thing and haven't chased up the therapy company she gave me a leaflet for. Main reason for the latter is it's heavy on CBT, and in my opinion a psychiatric lifetime of...
  15. tigerfish

    need help! !

    I did something yesterday and only woke up 4am! I need a chat with a moderator or someone who isn't going to be affected by what I need to say? I really don't want to upset anyone!!! Please?
  16. student12


    Its crazy that every time it rains crazy depressing thoughts come into my head. it not even rational either i think people are against me who is not. I don't know what is it about the weather that makes my mood becomes low all of a sudden. I know its a name for something like this when people...
  17. P

    What the hell is going on? HELP ME PLEASE!

    Hi! This is going to get a bit wierd to read but I need help :( I'm a 22 years young man who is sick of his religion because my father cheated on my mother and is proud of his stupidity as its allowed in his religion. He kept doing this time and again and I was growing up with it I developed a...
  18. C


    Stirling Bipolar Scotland Self Help Group Allan Park Hotel Allan Park Stirling FK8 2QG Meet 2nd Wednesday of the month 7pm – 9pm Our Self-Help groups are open to anyone who has been affected by bipolar disorder. You don’t need to be referred, just come along. Group meetings give you an...
  19. C


    Buckinghamshire The Oasis Partnership OASIS House George Street High Wycombe HP11 2RZ Tel 01494-898480 Unity House 98 Walton Street Aylesbury HP21 7QP Tel 01296-338008 [email protected] Oasis stands for ‘Open Access Social Inclusion Support’, which is exactly what we...
  20. C


    Darley Dale - Matlock Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health Stancliffe House Molyneux Business Park Darley Dale Matlock Derbyshire DE4 2HJ 01629 733915 [email protected] We will work with anyone affected by, or with an interest in, mental health issues. If we cannot...