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  1. R

    ??Is there ever gonna be any light at the end of the tunnell

    I am struggling with my mental state at the moment an just found out my hubby has been having an affair my head is all over the place some days are worse than others xx
  2. D

    How to support my husband through his depression

    Hi. My husband of 3 years (we've been together for 6.5 years in total and known each other 18 years) is very depressed. We currently live apart due to his job and I'm really struggling to know what to do for the best. He began shutting me out in February and I have barely seen him since. I...
  3. D

    DrJeckle MrHyde

    For the past four years I have been escalating behaviour that I used to excuse as youthful spontaneity. What I mean is sexual conquest of inappropriate partners. The latest has been an affair with my common laws sister. I manipulated the events that led to this happening with precision and...
  4. B

    New here, could use some advice

    Hi everyone, First I would like to say that I have a newfound level of respect for people that suffer with chronic anxiety. I have been suffering since this past summer (from anxiety) although I always had acute depression that I took medication for for a couple years. I was in a prolonged...
  5. M

    Help, we don't know what to do now...different perspective

    Hello, I am not directly involved with the person who has BPD, my husband is. It started out as a friendship with the woman who has BPD. She slowly became more involved in my husband's life. Then when we were having problems in our marriage she started asking inappropriate questions, sex life...
  6. B

    Ruined my life

    Hi I'm a 42 year old woman and 2 1/2 years ago I had an affair. My life has never been the same. Sometimes I wonder why do I go on?
  7. J

    Depressed and Confused

    Hi. First off I'm not sure why I'm posting here. I'm thinking probably just so I can get these thoughts out there then thinking and rethinking the mess I call my life. I'm depressed 24/7. If you met me you'd never know it because I've hid problems my whole life. Reason that it's driving mad...
  8. Fairy Lucretia


    apparently im having an affair with a somebody's BF!! somebody here has accused me of having an affair with her BF-even though I don't leave the house!! was this before or after I was in hospital?!! so im having an online affair? with you BF? I really have lost it this place is making me ill...
  9. A

    I made my wife have BPD

    I have never known why, but I knew what I was doing. I have always been emotionally abusive and socially abusive to my wife. I have controlled her using almost every tactic any site will show you. I love her and do not understand why I have done this for years, but I know and admit that I have...
  10. M

    fucking livid...had a huge row with my Dad

    Im so upset with my Dad right now. Really got to me...... Hes so selfish and can only see from his perspective. It annoys the crap out of me, well this time we huge row. Problem is with my Dad, hes not approchable, can never tell him how I feel cos he gets violent and just tells me Im a...
  11. M

    fucked things up a bit

    was a bit upset by something my dad said, he was stating that he was angry because a certain person lied whilst having an affair it was out of order that this person had had lied to family when they were having an affair. It was so hypocritical because my dad lied to us all for years when he had...
  12. H

    Do any of you falsely accuse people of things?

    Hi, I have had a bit of a couple of days. On the flimsiest of evidence I accused my hubs of having an affair, threw him out and started planning my single life. This is not normal behaviour for me. I am just not the jealous or suspicious type. It is not something that had been building for a...
  13. A


    I think my partner had an affair. When i was really ill this year/last year i was horrible to be with and if i'm honest i wouldnt blame him if he had. I never wanted to go out the house, i didnt want to be close to him i just wanted to stay in and shut everyone out. About 4 months ago i got...
  14. A

    Depression and relationship - a see-saw link

    Hello, I have had depression on and off for years, but one of my worst bouts ever was caused by my partner having an affair, and then continuing that affair whilst I went through a complete mental breakdown, complete with suicide watch. Once I had several months of therapy and I started to get...
  15. S

    I am dreading my other halfs family gathering tomorrow

    He has a big family too, even his aunt is over from canada for this one. Im scared of feeling awkward all day & not knowing what to say to people. Its an all afternoon & evening affair as well. Im thinking of driving separately to I can leave early evening - dont want to seem rude but i find...
  16. M


    I am convince I was married to a woman with a disorder. Try to keep the story short. We met and she was wonderful, maybe to wonderful. Nice,smart, seemed sincere at the time, great family. I did notice she had almost no female friends. We never had disagreements. we were happy. We were to...