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  1. R

    meeting to discuss advocacy

    advocate is meeting me in the library fri, i'm a bit concerned i feel uncomfortable arguing that i'm a deserving case. mad enough, in a public place with potentially people listening in appears i'm a risk and therefore he can't see me in my flat, but that won't stop him refusing help given a...
  2. C


    Flintshire Advocacy Services North Wales 1 The Podium, Ambrose Lloyd Centre, New Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1NP 01352 759332 [email protected] The advocacy service is structurally independent from statutory organisations. The service is designed and operates in a way which is free...
  3. Z

    Waiting to see psychiatric

    I'm feeling really nervous at my clinic for my psychiatrist appointment. In my last post I wrote a few paragraphs to help me explain what's been happening. But I think it's too much. I just pet rip and now worried it's going to be a waste of time. I get in there and then can't talk. I've got my...
  4. C

    Esa support group until april 2016

    Hi everyone I'm looking into my options when I'm reassessed for ESA in April 2016...I've been taking antidepressants for 26 years & I am in the support group because of the physical and mental issues I now endure daily as a result of antidepressant dependency.i have tried everything, from...
  5. calypso

    No antipsychotics

    Been off them for 2 months or so and feel great! Just stopped taking them. I know most can't do this, but I feel so lucky. I don't advocate it unless you have someone to check you and tell you honestly how you are doing. I had a friend and his wife check me daily. So keep your fingers...
  6. L

    What happens at a tribunal?????

    As per title i wanted to know what happens at an appeal tribunal for ESA,is it held at the county court,can an advocate go in your place???
  7. L

    The Solicitor last year and advocates

    Last year I asked a solicitor, GG, I had contacted how many people she had released from section. She wouldn't put it in writing and insisted I phone her when I did she told me that she had only got one person released and that was only because the second opinion doctor had said he/she was...
  8. D

    Is there anywhere to turn?

    I've been diagnosed with depression/anxiety for a couple of years now, and while Citalopram seems to stop things from feeling worse (most of the time) I just can't escape the hopelessness. I dread sleeping because of the dreams but then I'm shattered from lack of sleep. Some days I can barely...
  9. R

    Meeting with GP

    Well, I had my follow up meeting with my GP this morning to discuss a) my letter from the pyscho pharmacologist b) my refusal to attend psychiatry any more c) my accusation that my psych and GP were constructing evidence for health anxiety. Only touched on b) and c), but stated that my...
  10. M

    Don't know who to turn to

    Hi there I am in a situation where I really don't know where to turn. :low: I am off sick from my job with little hope of going back due to my depression. But I have no advocate. I desperately need someone to advocate for me with work. I also need to know what benefits I may be entitled to...
  11. maxny

    advocating for friend

    Hello all, Any advice? I have a friend in New York, US who is slightly developmentally disabled and currently in a high-functioning but long-term unit of a State Hospital. The Doctors have him on about 10 medications, high dosage of multiple antipsychotics, way too high in my non-MD but...
  12. R

    I've applied for a MH Advocate - any advice?

    I'm feeling threatened by the way that my GP and Psychiatrist are trying to extract diagnostic criteria and the way that letters and notes on my file are being worded. So I have rung up the advocacy service for some advice. An advocate will contact me next week and visit my house for an...
  13. E

    Information from GP for DLA

    I recieved a more detailed letter from the DLA people saying why iv been declined. On the letter they say they used information from my GP dated 17/02/2012. I rang my surgery and they have no record of incoming or out going mail... Im going to take my letter to mind on monday to see my advocate...
  14. H

    ATOS strikes again!

    Hi Good people.. I'm not sure if this has been sadi before but a worrying situation had now appeared with the ESA50 form and ATOS. I recieved the form recently and filled it in with help from my mental health Advocate and then noticed that the form had been sent from ATOS and was to be returned...
  15. noplace

    Mental Health Peer Advocacy

    Hello, has any one had any experience of mental health peer advocacy they are willing to share either as a peer advocate or as someone who has support from a peer advocate?
  16. D

    Let us do things together

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, I am a joung fifty and love the blues. I have been recently diagnosed bipolar and somehow it gave me the courage to do the things I wanyted to do; so I am now divorcing a husband of 25 years and looking at a new career as an advocate in mental health. You...