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  1. L

    worried about my claim

    can anyone give advice on pip I'm ex army with ptsd and recently had a full mental breakdown, never claimed pip before but have been advised to.
  2. S

    Advice and experiences

    Hello I am 27 years old and I have suffered from anxieties and depression for as long as I can remember but was formally diagnosed in 2008. I have been on medication since except for 9 months while pregnant. I hate depending on Meds but every time I try to reduce them i relapse and need the dose...
  3. L

    Just exhausted or is it due to decrease in med?

    I've been taking Prozac since the end of last year and it's not worked for me. I've had a huge breakdown so my doctor advised me to take the week off and take half of my dose so she can switch me to another. I've taken the week off work and it's just as well because I am exhausted. I can't...
  4. G

    Great Experience - ESA Medical. (A Positive Experience)

    My Experience - ESA Medical. Hello, I'm George, 23 years old. I have been reading this forum for a while and thought I would sign up to share my experiences of ESA. My experience [TRIGGER WARNING] I have worked since I was 15, and was home schooled. Last year my Grandad was taken ill and had...
  5. F

    Differing views on the new alcohol guidelines

    The state needs to butt out of Britain We need the truth about alcohol From what I read in the first article there seems to be no worldwide consensus on recommended drinking limits which surely would be affected by weight/body size/metabolism etc.
  6. Button-girl

    When does it stop?

    I was self medicating a mental health issues for 10 years with heroin (as well as various other things). I've not used in over 3 years and came off methadone 1 year old (much, much quicker than advised or predicted, but I just wanted it gone). My question is, when does the craving stop? Its been...
  7. pepecat

    Learning to think for ourselves.

    http://psychologytomorrowmagazine.com/learning-to-think-for-ourselves/ Learning to think for ourselves Alyssa Siegal Many clients come to counseling expecting therapists to give them the answer – to tell them what to do about a particular problem or symptom. They also often want to know what’s...
  8. B

    I can't sleep! I can't switch off

    Hi, I'm currently not on medication, suppose to start lithium on Friday. I'm taking 5mg of zolpidem for sleep. But they do not work. I'm a single parent. My daughter has been back at school 3 weeks and so far has been late 4 times!! I can't switch off to get to sleep! Once I'm asleep I'm OK...
  9. D

    ptsd severe anxiety and severe depression ,ocd

    Hi im new to the site and im currently suffering all these illnesses as well as angry issues i have seen a phychologist and im currently in a support group .which i feel is not really helping only a little .ive asked my doctor for referall to a phychairtrist to which he did but then recieved a...
  10. S


    Hi I am new here so hope this is in the right place. I have been on and off antidepressants and anxiety medication for the last 14 years ( I am now 34). Most recently I was on 150mg Sertraline and 40mg slow release propanalol. I got married early June and we want to have a family. I discusses...
  11. X

    Advice For a friend of someone who is severely depressed

    Hi guys, I am close friends with a lady who suffers severe depression and social anxiety. She sees the GP weekly at present as he feels it's best to monitor her. She is on two different antidepressants and also awaiting her CBT to start. This person gets very anxious over things and worries...
  12. M

    Advice please x

    Hi this is the first forum I've been on. I've been advised to do it for a long time but I've always put it off. I've been diagnosed with bpd, I'm 26 and a single mother. It's come to the point now where i can't bare the shouting. I feel like the worlds most evil mother I can suddenly switch...
  13. R

    Here it comes again

    i feel it coming on, I'm being told to SH, agitated beyond belief. The only way was to harm, want to really hurt now and afraid as I'm on my own. Scared to phone Cmht and I don't want to be advised to use an elastic band on my wrist. Don't know why I'm posting this as nothing stops me, I'm so...
  14. catkin

    smelling salts - dissociation

    Anyone use them to try avoid dissociating? I've been told to use them again, but in treatment a few years a go was told to throw them away as I need to rely on myself to come back, rather than a substance....? I still can't stop it happening. Just wondered what others have been advised? Thank you x
  15. S


    3 few weeks ago my partner did something horrific..... She was diagnosed bipolar 20 years ago, spent 6 months in a mental hospital. She has went on with no other relapses at all and even started a family with me and life had never been so good. Just after having our son 7yrs ago Her consultant...
  16. D

    In Need of some support/Reassurance

    Hello all, I hardly post in here because I am ashamed of my life and feel like a let down, But I'm 23 now and really want a life of my own being able to do what ever I like and whenever I like. I suffered with acrophobia not being able to leave the house at all since I left school when I was 16...
  17. amathus

    Driving on prescription drugs... article.

    Anxiety UK tells us: "Drug driving law is changing to make it easier for the police to detect and prosecute drug drivers. A new offence is expected to come into force in March 2015 of driving with certain controlled drugs, like diazepam, above specified limits. The government will be taking...
  18. M

    hard to cope with.

    Hi all my name is mark and im new to all this but I am 33 yrs old and still I self harm my wrist and hope I can understand through speaking to people on a forum as thats what my health care worker advised so please let me know your thoughts and any advice would be great thank you :-)
  19. emzangelwings

    Double depression whammy

    As you guys probably know by now on here I've been suffering from Depression and Anxiety for (I think) over a year now. It now turns out my partner may also have Depression. I feel very guilty as I know part of it is the pressure of having to care for me, and I try my best to keep pressure off...
  20. deathandsequins


    Does anyone have any experience of this medication? I'm about to be switched from Fluoxetine (Prozac) to it. I know the withdrawl symptoms can be nasty if a dosage is missed, but is there anything else I should know? If you have taken it, did it help? Can alcohol be taken with it? (I know it's...