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  1. Kepraell

    Am I being emotionally manipulated, is it their bpd or mine?

    This topic might be hard for people. But I seriously need to find advice on this. [tw: self harm mention] I have bpd. I am currently in a relationship with a girl who’s studying psychology, knows a fair bit about bpd and is very understanding. She’s polyamorous. I’m perfectly happy with her...
  2. L

    QUICK ADVICE PLEASE! Need help!!

    So to put it simply, yesterday I agreed to having a sleepover at my friends tomorrow, whos house I have never visited nor have I met her family. My anxiety over this is paralysing me and ive had 3 meltdowns today over it. I have autism but I rarely have meltdowns. I've had really bad experiences...
  3. P

    I'd Like Some Advice

    Hello, new poster here. I got an account here because I really need some advice right now. I'll start by giving a brief summary of my problem: I have OCD that's an unholy combination of "magical thinking" OCD and contamination OCD, ex. "I did something Bad, so I need to wash my hands so Bad...
  4. W

    Hello Everyone.. I Have Some Questions I need to ask?

    I haven't been diagnosed with any mental disorder but I have a few questions??? I'm going to explain what I have actually been experiencing... In all honesty I haven't ever actually came to ask advice from a mental health forum... I just felt weird doing it but in all honesty I actually kind of...
  5. H

    Brother hospitalised

    Hello everyone, My brother has been suffering from mental illness (as yet undiagnosed) for five years and is going to hospital in the next few days, but not out of choice. I am relieved he will finally be getting help, but am naturally cautious. Thought some good news was worth writing about...
  6. A

    Describing how I feel...

    Hello, It all started when I was meant to go start my third year of university in London but tried to defer a year. It started in September 2014 when I started my second year, my full second year was just a blur, I didnt feel motivated to try at all, I just didnt have that flame inside me I...
  7. K

    24 female w/ bipolar disorder, possibly depression & anxiety, been on Lamictal 200mg for a year, got Zoloft 25mg added today

    24 female w/ bipolar disorder, possibly depression & anxiety, been on Lamictal 200mg for a year, got Zoloft 25mg added today I'm a 24 yr old female who was diagnosed as Bipolar last year in October. I did therapy for about 6 months then decided I was ready to take on life on my own for a while...
  8. M

    Physical symptoms of anxiety

    Hiya, This is a first for me in so many different ways. A first to experience GAD and a first to seek help for it. It's driving me mad. It all started, out of the blue, with a pressure over my chest, and was quickly followed with rapid heartbeat, pins and needles, hypersensitivity and random...
  9. G


    Hello All, i am new hear & am after advice/help if possible please
  10. F


    Got an appointment with them on Thurs regarding benefit advice/help. Anyone had any dealings with them, and if so, what can i expect? x