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  1. A


    Hi I hate to trouble anyone. But I've been having agitation so bad I tried to commit myself. I feel like constantly pacing although I sleep thanks to my medicine this is pretty bad. I was just wondering if anyone ever felt that way too? Cuz I want to know that there is a life after this. Thank...
  2. S

    Looking for someone to speak to

    this post may go completely unseen/unnoticed, but I was hoping to find someone I can confide in/discuss things I’ve been feeling with, whom I don’t know as I feel that’s the only way I’d feel comfortable doing so. Thank you in advance to anyone who would have the time to do so.
  3. T

    Anxiety and Depression

    Hey I’m a 28 yo male who has suffered from severe anxiety and depression for about 10 years. I have been on a huge range of drugs and had 8 sessions of ECT.... looking to chat with like minded people that have had similar issues. Thank you in advance.... G
  4. H

    Feeling completely alone

    Hi, I feel like this is a big step for me posting in here even though it is anonymous. I have struggled with depression and anxiety on and off since I was 16, I am now 22 and I feel it is worsening each day to the point where I am suicidal. I feel like I have cried out for help but nobody will...
  5. khardwick

    The Impact of Using a Service

    Hi all and thanks in advance to all who contribute. I am currently doing my management degree and I am on here, purely for research purposes and personal interests. I would like to know if anybody felt that using a service that 'specialises' in mental health, what impact did the service have...
  6. W


    Hi i'm new here I live in england and I've come here mainly to vent (It seems to help a little) apologies for the pseudo-philosophical tripe i post in advance.
  7. L

    Plz help me

    Hello. THough not however acustomed to be doing this, i herein find myself at a crossroad betwixt reality and whatnot ever else there may be...sigh... Ever constant the voice, that which id begotten the night afore the morning of... I like to play games, with things...for two years, id go...
  8. D

    does anyone know how many years it is that ESA won't increase?

    I'm really noticing it now. I have gone overdrawn numerous times this past year and my social landlord has now said that they want a month's rent in advance, so I have had to pay that in small installments. Does anyone know when ESA is finally meant to start increasing in line with inflation...
  9. P

    Any tips for withstanding/resisting compulsive urges?

    Especially (but not only) for primarily just-right/compulsive/perfectionistic OCD, where the feared outcomes (the uneasiness and discomfort and distraction themselves) are a definite result? It's said that you don't just break a habit, you replace it with something else, so is there anything...
  10. J

    I want to learn!

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I'm a student from London and am in need of some help. I have been reading up a lot about Agoraphobia recently as a very close member of my family suffers from Anxiety. I would love to learn more with regards to how you use the internet to help, and, if...
  11. blueMandM90

    Failure/Rejection - How can you react positively?

    I have never been able to cope "positively" to rejection or failings. I find it difficult not to try and blame myself for such things. Never had a successful outcome on most things I have tried. The best example is that I have never got a job through a job interview. Just managed to get the one...
  12. F

    Report Finds YouTube Presents ‘Distorted Picture’ of Schizophrenia

    Although many people may turn to YouTube for information on a variety of health conditions, few studies have investigated the accuracy or quality of the information on mental illness presented in these videos. A study published this week in Psychiatric Service in Advance has concluded that...
  13. C


    I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread for this. I'm pretty new to posting on here. I have been struggling for about a decade, but the last 3 years have been the worst. I had a turn for the worse about a month ago, and it's been downhill from there. My question is, if/when you get strong...
  14. 7

    Please help me to stop.

    Hi all, Ive been self harming since last September and its getting worse, last Sat I had to call myself an ambulance because I though I done major damage to my arms. I need help to stop. All advice welcome. thanks in advance.
  15. M

    Possible anxiety

    I keep having random heart palpitations, chest pain left outer arm pain lower arm pain, tingly feeling in mostly left but both hands, dizziness and just a horrible uneasy feeling in my chest and throat. Does this sound like anxiety? Been having this for a few years now, thanks in advance
  16. cpuusage

    Mental health: the way forward

    Mental health: the way forward / Health and Care Policy Commission / Policy Commissions / Agenda 2020 / Your Britain This consultation document has been produced by the Health and Care Policy Commission to seek the views of Labour members and affiliates, businesses and other organisations, and...
  17. Solitude1

    Scattered Thoughts

    Hello all, good day Most of the time, I am unable to think properly and can't organise my thoughts amd thus am unable to do anything, including preparing a PowerPoint, giving a lecture or reproduce a short story, or even have a sustained speech or thinking session or write a coherent passage...
  18. gospel

    new here

    I'm Tim and I'm new here. Thought I would introduce myself and see if anyone has any advice about certain topic areas to focus on or avoid. Thanks in advance, people!
  19. S

    Feeling Unknown

    hey lately im just lost,I cannot motivate myself to do anything,I feel anxious about my life to a point that it may lead to a panic attack anytime,I'm trying to study psychology to be able to control these feelings,I'm currently reading "Creatures of a day" by Yalom,and all those questions that...
  20. M

    Mental Health Assessment Softwares

    Dear Friends. I am looking for General Mental Health assessment softwares that can be used in clinics for patients' mental health assessment. Any computerized assessment tool. Please share info if you have such. Thank you in advance.