1. T

    Greetings, new here.

    I came here for something via a google search, and decided to join despite the site going offline for 24 hours soon. I’m 25, Female and live in the States. My diagnosed mental disorders are Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Selective Mutism (a form of social anxiety that’s common in...
  2. sjc2015

    Fear of criticism - real or imagined

    Hi folks! How are you today then everyone? Hope you are all doing well. I am in the process of getting a BPD diagnosis from the NHS, otherwise know as borderline personality disorder. the trouble is at the moment I have Asperger Syndrome, and so I have been told that a lot of the traits of...
  3. F

    Dyspraxia associated with autistic traits in adulthood.

    Coordinated movements and successful interactions with other people are important for many activities. But are motor skills and social skills related? A large study carried out between researchers at Coventry University and the Autism Research Centre tried to find out. The research team, led by...
  4. F

    Skills of Adults with Autism Drive Career Opportunities

    New research finds that adults on the autism spectrum are using their special interests to engage in specific fields of study and determine career paths. Investigators believe the findings continue a shift away from perceiving strong interests as a negative and toward a perspective that...
  5. F

    Aspergers-no wonder

    The nurse practitioner gave me a printout of a charity, but didn't mention getting an assessment. Getting a Diagnosis in Adults NHS diagnostic services for adults are very patchy in Essex, and difficult to obtain. Problem Solving | SAFE
  6. S

    Anxiety and bullying have merged

    Hello all, I'm new to posting. So I hope this is the correct area in this forum for this subject. From as early as I can remember, through highschool I was bullied by other kids and adults. I was bullied by adults when I was in elementary school, then later in adult life when people realize I...
  7. J

    is anyone on this? what do you think? dating for adults with mental health problems site!
  8. amathus

    Child mental health issues missed

    BBC News - Child mental health issues 'missed' 'Thousands of young people may be "slipping through the net" because adults do not spot the warning signs of mental health problems, experts warn. MindEd, a new website, backed by groups including the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health...
  9. D

    children are the only nice people left

    had a laugh wityh a group of bored kids with their dogs today while the adults look at me like some sort of freak.
  10. worrymuffin

    woah... wtf

    I've just very nearly had a fight at work, with a colleague..... He's pissy because I'm doing my job properly, and he hasn't followed procedure.... What the fook.... I'm not sure whether I should let my manager know.... We work with vulnerable adults.... He can't be getting angry in that...
  11. M


    I'm new here. I've had depression on & off my entire life. But now I have it with severe anxiety. Sucks. Just started seeing a physcologist (sp?). I need adult interaction but the adults I know act more like kids & I already have kids. Ugh. I just want to lock myself in my room and sleep.
  12. jax

    Vulnerable Adults List

    I have just learned today that I am to be placed on this Vulnerable Adults list because of my many Bipolar highs and manias. My nurse told me today that I will meet with my Pdoc, herself (Nurse), My GP and the social worker who specializes in Vulnerable Adults. A member of my family is meant...