1. W

    Bloody hell ADHD???

    Just interested to hear from anyone on here who is affected by adhd/add, or knows anything about it in relation to bipolar? Can it cross over? Since we read the symptoms last week, me and my partner reckon I fit it pretty dam well (every box ticked that we saw kinda thing)... He reckons there's...
  2. W

    first time post

    hi im 25 year old male whos felt anxios since about age 6 and sufferd with depression i just fell differnt to how i see people and ive always found it hard to make friends because i'm very shy, but my main problem is constant thoughts going through my head and conversations with people in my...
  3. K

    [New] need help and advice please guys

    Hey everyone, my names Julian and i'm 17 years old. This is my first time on the forum, although i have been on a lot of other forums, i felt the need to talk out my situation to people with whom have the same/similar symptoms as me. I apologize, it might be awfully long. Now i'm not sure if...
  4. P

    I'm new to this site

    Hi I'm new to this site I have been in and out of treatment and hospitals and on alot of different meds in my life. that all started when i was between the ages of 11 and 13 when my parents spilt up. I have a website I'm doing a story of my life and daily experiences and such it's just...
  5. amathus

    ADHD may be passed on through genes.... 18.html qf.
  6. B

    Musical mental illnesses !!

    I was diagnosed Bipolar in the USA in 2005. I was given meds. I then had to stop taking meds due to no health benefits and was forced to return to the UK after a breakdown. In June of 2008 I was diagnosed as being Bipolar and Autistic. In September of 2008 I was diagnosed as being ADHD and...
  7. F

    Greetings My name is Fox

    I have a list of issues. 1. PTSD 2. Bipolar 3. Agoraphobia (sp? I am writing this fast.) 4. Anxiety disorder (blended with my PTSD) 5. Panic disorder (blended with PTSD I think those three should be one personally) 6. ODD 7. Adult ADHD ( have had ADHD since I was about 3) I am currently...
  8. B

    I need help fast, and I'm not getting it.

    Hello every one. I wish I was here on a happier note but I have joined here out of desperation as what could be one of my last resorts. A brief summary of me. I have suffered with nerves depression and crushing mania since I was a child. Cutting a long story very short I was told to be Bipolar...
  9. H

    bipolar or under medicated adhd

    My psychologist is torn between me being bipolar or my adhd being only moderately controlled. I started taking geodon 80mg tuesday night, and now I am having trouble sleeping and getting up in the morning. It has improved my symptoms as I am alot calmer now and more focused. Does anyone know if...
  10. H

    Hello My name is..

    Hello, I recently found this forum, and though I haven't been diagnosed with anything but ADHD yet I thought I would join. I have my 1st appointment with psychologist next week, and I am a little nervous about it. It seems my problems are getting worse, is this normal just before inital...