1. amathus

    ADHD may be passed on through genes.... 18.html qf.
  2. B

    Musical mental illnesses !!

    I was diagnosed Bipolar in the USA in 2005. I was given meds. I then had to stop taking meds due to no health benefits and was forced to return to the UK after a breakdown. In June of 2008 I was diagnosed as being Bipolar and Autistic. In September of 2008 I was diagnosed as being ADHD and...
  3. F

    Greetings My name is Fox

    I have a list of issues. 1. PTSD 2. Bipolar 3. Agoraphobia (sp? I am writing this fast.) 4. Anxiety disorder (blended with my PTSD) 5. Panic disorder (blended with PTSD I think those three should be one personally) 6. ODD 7. Adult ADHD ( have had ADHD since I was about 3) I am currently...
  4. B

    I need help fast, and I'm not getting it.

    Hello every one. I wish I was here on a happier note but I have joined here out of desperation as what could be one of my last resorts. A brief summary of me. I have suffered with nerves depression and crushing mania since I was a child. Cutting a long story very short I was told to be Bipolar...
  5. H

    bipolar or under medicated adhd

    My psychologist is torn between me being bipolar or my adhd being only moderately controlled. I started taking geodon 80mg tuesday night, and now I am having trouble sleeping and getting up in the morning. It has improved my symptoms as I am alot calmer now and more focused. Does anyone know if...
  6. H

    Hello My name is..

    Hello, I recently found this forum, and though I haven't been diagnosed with anything but ADHD yet I thought I would join. I have my 1st appointment with psychologist next week, and I am a little nervous about it. It seems my problems are getting worse, is this normal just before inital...