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  1. DaNnIbOi85

    Hi I'm Dan! Please say hello! :)

    Where to start? Ok.... Hi I'm Dan, 28 years old and to look at me, you wouldn't think anything was wrong.... I'm 6ft 5inchs, sarcastic and have 2 beautiful kids! But the truth of the matter is I am miserable! I have no real friends, the ones who I do have, I push away or piss them off so they...
  2. D

    my friend might be a phychopath

    I met my friend for a dog walk today. she lies and I know she lies but I have a sister who lies and theirs no malice in it, she is adhd with ptsd but is impulsive, irresponsible and lies. should I remain friends with this person?
  3. RainbowHeartz

    parrot of thoughts.....

    So all day my thoughts have been telling me You have ADHD you have ADHD Oh my gawd I don't even know what I have, I can t say I don't have it any more than I can say I do have it!! But the same thought comes back You have ADHD Omg make this thought stop This all started from a temporary...
  4. F

    Genetics may link ADHD and schizophrenia

    There is significant genetic overlap between attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and adult psychiatric conditions, particularly schizophrenia, a study suggests. The researchers stress that the differences are small, with significance stemming from the large number of study...
  5. J


    hi ,told about this site by someone from another site i go on - i have just been diagnosed with adhd (which i had sussed i had anyway) and bipolar 2 which i wasn't expecting and feel a bit weird about - dunno why as have suffered deep depressions for years so dont know why now having a title for...
  6. C

    Boyfriend has antisocial personality disorder, mood disorder, adhd, substance abuse

    Boyfriend has antisocial personality disorder, mood disorder, adhd, substance abuse I was wondering what type of behavior I would expect from someone who has been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, a mood disorder, adhd, and a history of alcohol and drug abuse. Please help. He...
  7. C

    Adhd, bipolar or both?

    Hi everyone Jus looking for advice from people itk. (bare with me im writing this on my phone) I was diagnosed with adhd 2011 after researching some issues i was struggling with. I couldnt hold down a job, i found it hard to make and keep friends, i couldnt concentrate on simple tasks etc. I...
  8. M

    New diagnosis - ADHD

    So, I saw my new Consultant Psychiatrist today. She seems fairly certain I have ADHD. She has upped my quetiapine a bit, is going to see me again in 6 weeks, then again in another 6 weeks along with my husband and mum so she can ask them questions about me/ my behaviour as a child etc... and...
  9. T

    ADHD or Bipolar

    I knew I was hyperactive (diagnosed) as a kid, but my mum told me that when she did ADHD training when she worked in a school years later, I would have ticked all the boxes as a kid. Before the doctor started on about bipolar I had been looking into adult ADHD as a possibility behind my...
  10. G

    Diagnose Me

    Ok I need to quit taking the adhd meds. Gawd!
  11. twine99

    A.d.h.d medication

    Hi After 8 years of visiting phychiatrist I was finally Diagnosed as having a.d.h.d. I was put on Dexamphetamine sulphate 8 x 5mg daily. I feel that I am not getting much benefit from this. When I started them I thought I was getting benefit from them, but now I feel that maybe it was optomistic...
  12. Major_Mayhem

    new here

    Hello my names sheree I'm 23 yrs old I live in Australia I'm currently in a rehab for alcohol addiction I'm 20 months sober I suffer from depression anxiety self harm bpd PTSD And ADHD. And alcoholism. It is nice to be able to come to a site that is a phone app that helps with mental health
  13. prairiechick

    ADHD and Bipolar?

    I've been wondering if I might have ADD or ADHD in addition to hypomania. I've been looking at signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and I have a lot of them, especially the inability to organize myself, chronic daydreaming, and difficulty focusing my attention. But I don't want to bring this up...
  14. S

    Hi MH forum

    So I'm not new to forums but who can go without learning more. Still uploading avatar and images. But I'm Sabrooksc. I've had/have ADHD I'm Bipolar type II, I mean "have it" but am trying to cope with it on a daily basis. And am excited to meet people, and share experiences on here. I know this...
  15. H

    Struggling with time management and my boss asked me, "if I had any issues," do i tell the truth? Will it help me keep my job?

    Struggling with time management and my boss asked me, "if I had any issues," do i tell the truth? Will it help me keep my job? I am 21 and have been off work for the last two years dealing with anxiety, ocd, depression, adhd, and the effects of having a parent with borderline personality...
  16. cattails

    Hi Im new here. Hi, Im new here.

    Hello everyone! I just joined the forum and hope I can be of some help to others. I suffer from severe clinical depression, borderline personality disorder, and ADHD. It's been a huge struggle. I'm slowly getting my life back but I do get minor set backs.
  17. T

    What is going on with me? Do I have some type of depression? My story

    I was born and raised as a jehovahs and baptized at the age of 14. My dad has ben an elder for a long time, but I want to leave the JW organization because Im gay. Ive been attracted to men as long as I can remember, Ive always liked boys, I liked a couple of girls too back then. If I had to...
  18. W

    Learning to deal and love...

    Hi there. I'm new here. I love my partner, team-mate, best friend, boyfriend sooo much but sometimes he is reallllly hard to deal with. He suffers from extreme anxiety stemming from his paranoia and ADHD. We are together 24 hrs a day as we are both on disability because of mental illness. I...
  19. J

    Statistical Impossibility

    Greetings. I'm what you call a statistical impossibility. I just did the math before posting here. What I have and approximate prevalence (using a middle number if a range is given): ADHD: 6.2% SAD: 5% RLS: 10% Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder: 12% Indoor/Outdoor Allergies: 13% Motor Tick...
  20. S

    ADHD and self harm.

    Intro and Background: Hey all, I'm Sage and I'm new to the forums. Over the years I've tried to research self harm, but all the information seems to be related to depression, bi-polar disorder, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, and other issues that seem to be tied together based on feeling...