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  1. W

    Misdiagnosis of Psychosis with other problems

    So I have had schizophrenia for the past 6 and half years. My illness does keep changing though. Until now a days I was diagnosed with ADHD and now I am starting to question the fact that I have psychosis at all. I need off the anti-psychotics that I am now, do to the fact they are giving me...
  2. L

    Mirtazapine and valproic acid

    Hi, I am on 45mg per day of Mirtazapine it stops me waking up in the morning and getting angry at myself and now I take valproic acid I got this prescribed in the Netherlands by the fact team as my doctors in the UK say no to everything I tell them such as I am too intelligent to have Autism or...
  3. K

    Is life what it is said to be?

    This is just me venting... People always say life gets better. I found that it hasn't. Since I was 6 or whenever I remember last I have always been anxious about bad things happening. I was shy, anxious, and spastic. I had ADHD and was seen as the hyper child. I was given various medication for...
  4. U

    Fighting for years, just want to break down.. HELP PLEASE:/

    Anyone have any tips or pointers on dealing with depression with ADHD. These past two years have dramatically takin a toll on me. I can't stop losing weight, nor can I find the strength to go anywhere anymore. I think of suicidal thoughts daily, though I'm scared of it. Its suffering over...
  5. W

    Hi, I've just joined. Getting to better

    Hi, I'm new here. Like many of you, I've had the "demons" inside my head tormenting me for my lifetime. Drugs help, but they muffle more than extinguish the pain. There is nothing worse than having your mind - the one thing you can't escape - turn against you. I'm hoping to learn how some of...
  6. R

    BPD but so many signs of autism..?

    Hey everyone, So I was hospitalized a couple years back and they came to the final conclusion that I have BPD. Before that I was down as bipolar, ADHD, depression, and just generalized anxiety. (Mainly social anxiety.) Anyways what made me to come to the conclusion that maybe I'm autistic is...
  7. F

    I'm getting hopeless, do I have OCD?

    For three years now I have been taking medication for my severe ADHD. (My first year of high school I would stay up crying that I couldn't focus. I had Cs and Ds and now I have almost straight A's and take AP and honors classes, so I plan on continuing my medication) I have always done...
  8. M

    I'm Holly

    Hi! My names Holly and the reason I'm here is to try to get information and understand of anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. My daughter who is 10 has suffered abuse and has been diagnosed with all of these. The PTSD has been I guess dealt with in therapy but now it's generalized anxiety disorder. She...
  9. C

    CAMHS and ADHD assessment

    Anyone taken their young child to CAMHS and had them assessed for ADHD etc? I would like to know more about everyones experience, what they do and what they ask? What are the best ways to prepare yourself for your intial assessment visit other than filling in the strengths and difficulties...
  10. A

    NAMI is paid for by the drug companies

    In 2004, NAMI opposed the placement of "black box" warnings on antidepressants determined to cause suicide in under-18 year olds, and in 2006 opposed black box warnings on ADHD drugs causing heart attack, stroke and sudden death in children in 2006. Despite overwhelming evidence of serious...
  11. cpuusage

    ADHD 'not a real disease', neuroscientist claims

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/children_shealth/10732727/ADHD-not-a-real-disease-neuroscientist-claims.html Children's hyperactivity 'is not a real disease', says US expert | Society | The Observer
  12. K

    Does anyone have Bipolar Disorder and and adult ADHD

    I was wondering if anyone had been diagnosed with adult ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. I have, but I cant find any information and I was just wondering if anyone could help me. Thank you
  13. A

    BPD and ADHD

    I did an online test last night to see if i have adhd and i scored very high on it, i have been diagnosed with BPD and I am dyslexic too. I feel frustrated because there does not seem to be any real practicle help for people with ADHD . I constantly get lost in conversations, and lose my focus...
  14. M

    Several Issues (help?)

    I joined this forum today because I have very few resources around me that I have not tried. This is no judgment on this forum, because, as I have said, I just found it today, and I hope I can correctly relay my issues to somebody. I wasn't sure where to post this particular thread, as I have...
  15. B

    I need help getting my life together and with being happy

    How do i delete my account to this forum?
  16. cpuusage

    One in Five Diagnosed With ADHD May Develop Cocaine Habit as Adults

    November 19, 2013 Research from Boston University suggests that exposure to stimulant medications such as Ritalin during adolescence may result in cocaine addiction in later life. “You can give drugs . . . during adulthood or during the juvenile stage and it may not have much of a long-lasting...
  17. T

    I dont know how I feel, do I still have depression?Why am I feeling like this?

    I dont know how I feel, do I still have depression?Why am I feeling like this? Ive been taking an antidepressant for a year and a half now (Bupropion), and my doctor said that I have chronic unspecified depression, at the time I was dealing with a lot of depression symptoms to even suicidal...
  18. M

    Our Home: living artistic expression of classic ADHD symptoms completely rampant

    Our Home: living artistic expression of classic ADHD symptoms completely rampant Okay. Look, any well education person on matters of mental disorders, and someone who has a specialized or good knowledge of ADHD would look at us, and our house and like some or crazy ADHD experiment. It mean...
  19. M

    1 in 3 people with BPD have ADHD- has your doctor missed your ADHD diagnosis?

    1 in 3 people with BPD have ADHD- has your doctor missed your ADHD diagnosis? An issue I have gone over. This is a key to someone's life out there- I know that much. People out there are MISSING this information and their doctors are FAILING to diagnose a very important co-existing condition...
  20. M

    The true reality of BPD- my personal perspective, breaking outside of mainstream ideas.

    The true reality of BPD- my personal perspective, breaking outside of mainstream ideas. *** This will be cleaned up soon, if EDIT does not disappear. Sorry its very messy and many errors. BIG TIDY SOON. *** *** Most Borderlines- that's you, go conventional: GO DBT therapy. But if for some...