1. manicstreetpreacher

    Is there an ADHD section on here?

    I am not sure i have posted this in the right place but cannot see a section for ADHD on the forum.
  2. M

    I don't know what I'm really like anymore

    Edit: (The thread name isn't accurate. Don't ask how I did that, but a more accurate title would probably be "Trouble Making Friends") hey, this is my first post here. Im 21 and I live in the US. Ever since my first year of high school (if not longer), I have struggled to make friends. I got a...
  3. I

    InBetween's introduction

    Hello everyone :), since I don't have anyone (except professionals) to generally talk about mental health issues, I've decided to join in, as it might be beneficial to me and hopefully even someone else here. 21 years old, diagnosed with ADHD, Depression, Depersonalisation, Borderline PD...
  4. M

    Diagnosed with depression.Do I have ADHD?

    Hello all I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety and depression due to a very stressful call centre job that I do.i feel low all the time and get a lot of anxiety.I am currently signed off work sick for 2 weeks.I feel I might have ADHD.I have looked at the symptoms and I do appear to have...
  5. Sweet angel

    ADHD is ruining my day

    So i notice that today i have a lot of ADHD symptoms that are actually so annoying, the whole day i was like in overwhelming rush, i walk fast, i eat fast, i talk and do anything so fast and i hate it, i found myself walking again in my room or kitchen in circles for a short period of time (3...
  6. littleghast

    I don't know

    Um, hi? I'm new to forum but I've lurking for about a year and half while I was researching various things. I know this site isn't made to diagnosis or anything else similar but I was wondering if anyone could point any symptoms I exhibit/show or tell me what it might seem like. Okay, so...
  7. Sweet angel

    I really wish i die tonight when im sleeping.. I really lost hope in anything..

    I really wish i die tonight when im sleeping.. I really lost hope in anything.. I REALLY WISH I DIE TONIGHT WHEN IM SLEEPING.. I REALLY LOST HOPE IN ANYTHING.. First, I'm new here and excuse my english.. it's not my native language so.. so, i found this forum by chance and i'm really glad...
  8. M

    confused by my boyfriends behaviour,NEED ADVICE!!

    My boyfriend has always acted sort of odd, I know he has ADHD, but besides that I believe he can have borderline personality but not sure, he is forgetful, impulsive, he zooms out of a conversation or changes topic very easily,behaves childish and then goes back to normal and had like a hard...
  9. A

    Hi all!

    Hello, Ive been poking around for a day. Decided to sign up. I am a 30 something year old man living with Aspergers Syndrome(undiagnosed ATM, but working on it). I have a 9yo son who was diagnosed officially. While I was reading up on it, to better understand my son I came across an article...
  10. F

    ADHD and overdiagnosis

    Twenty percent of American boys are diagnosed with ADHD by the time they turn 18. Can that be true, or is ADHD being overdiagnosed and overtreated? Australian culture is different—but there are lessons to learn about the factors driving overdiagnosis of psychiatric and behavioural conditions...
  11. T

    Diagnosis of everything

    It gets on my nerves when people diagnose themselves with everything. One day they say they have OCD. then They say they have Bi Polar, sometimes. Then they say they have got ADHD. Then they say they have ADD Then they describe their dyslexia Then they describe their dyspraxia...
  12. A

    New guy

    Hey, everyone. I'm the FNG. I'm Canadian, Caucasian, male, eighteen, agnostic and heterosexual. I have ADHD, social and generalised anxiety, depression and a learning disorder. I also have an IQ of ninety-five. I've been suicidal since a young age. Life for me has always been devoid of any and...
  13. B

    Newbie from New Jersey

    Hello everyone, just joined and hope to contribute to the forums. My MI issues are Bipolar ADHD GAD Hope to chat with you guys soon. Bluefish :)
  14. P

    BPII, here!!

    Hi! I'm 46, female, married, 2 grown, 1 teen... 3 pups ("pups" lol) and a cat. ❤️ I was DX'ed Adult Onset ADHD years ago, THEN BPII. I wonder if BPII kind of "umbrellas" the ADHD, anxiety, depression, and recently SAD...? I loathe the multiple labels! Anywhooooo... Health wise I was dx'ed in...
  15. B

    New to this and Questions

    I am new to the site. Good to know im not alone. I have a quick question. I did a few online 'self tests' and they all said the same thing. They believe that i have: - Severe Anxiety - Severe Borderline Personality Disorder - Moderate ADHD - Moderate to High Bipolar. How serious are these four...
  16. taytopops

    *insert entertaining title here* ..... or i'll just go with....hi

    Well I should start with a hello. I may not give away a huge amount on here as don't want to be identifiable as I work in mental health..... Anyway, I guess since this is a MH forum I should talk about mental health. Covering up my 'ishooos' has been a long term thing. Even as a kid if I was...
  17. W

    Misdiagnosis of Psychosis with other problems

    So I have had schizophrenia for the past 6 and half years. My illness does keep changing though. Until now a days I was diagnosed with ADHD and now I am starting to question the fact that I have psychosis at all. I need off the anti-psychotics that I am now, do to the fact they are giving me...
  18. L

    Mirtazapine and valproic acid

    Hi, I am on 45mg per day of Mirtazapine it stops me waking up in the morning and getting angry at myself and now I take valproic acid I got this prescribed in the Netherlands by the fact team as my doctors in the UK say no to everything I tell them such as I am too intelligent to have Autism or...
  19. K

    Is life what it is said to be?

    This is just me venting... People always say life gets better. I found that it hasn't. Since I was 6 or whenever I remember last I have always been anxious about bad things happening. I was shy, anxious, and spastic. I had ADHD and was seen as the hyper child. I was given various medication for...
  20. U

    Fighting for years, just want to break down.. HELP PLEASE:/

    Anyone have any tips or pointers on dealing with depression with ADHD. These past two years have dramatically takin a toll on me. I can't stop losing weight, nor can I find the strength to go anywhere anymore. I think of suicidal thoughts daily, though I'm scared of it. Its suffering over...