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  1. J

    Maths advice

    Okay first of all I should mention that I had an illness up until recently which lasted 2-4 years, it was a mental illness, and I've heard that with mental illness your memory can fade. That's my excuse for being disgustingly bad at maths anyway. Now that I have recovered, I know that I need to...
  2. vikkisab


    Hi hmm im Vikki ... I self harm and have done for 5yrs on and off but me and my boyfriend really want me to completely stop .. I dont know how to stop an addition I've had since I wAs 9 .... If you know any good ideas of ways to stop then please tell me .. Thanks xxxxx
  3. A

    DSM-5 Adds “Behavior” to List of Addictions

    http://www.madinamerica.com/2012/05/dsm-5-adds-behavior-to-list-of-addictions/ The APA convention last week included a debate about the addition of “Behavioral Addiction – Not Otherwise Specificed” to the new edition of the DSM. The new category could be used to diagnose as illnesses...
  4. prairiechick

    Verging on hypomania

    Told my psych I'm having trouble sleeping, and she said to reduce the Wellbutrin. Seems like a rather slow solution to me. Just ate about 1/2 a litre of frozen yogurt, too, which is not helping matters because of all the sugar. In addition to 600 mg of quetiapine and 15 mg of zopiclone, I...
  5. J

    Having a bad day

    Hey all. I just wanted to vent some steam otherwise I am going to burst out crying, run out of work and probably never return. I had a really tough time in my last job which really undermined me and my self-confidence so I am doing a different job that is more basic but I know how to do well and...
  6. thing fish

    any experience with lamictal(lamotrigine)

    i was just prescribed this in addition to my symbyax and taken off the zyprexa. anyone have any experiences with it?
  7. jdoe123


    hello.. I am new to this site. I am searching for a place where I can help people by being supportive and hopefully receive the same in return. In addition, I love to study psychology and all it's aspects. thank you, jdoe123