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  1. S

    Addicted to addictions

    I’m not sure if this is possible that’s why I’m posting but I think I’m addicted to being addicted I like to do thinks like smoke and drink and other things but when I think about it I’m not addicted to the actual activity itself it’s more I want to do one of these activities and I feel weird...
  2. Lostinthestatic

    How to talk to someone about their addiction?

    I want to help my mother, who is addicted to heroin. She uses it due to pain from having both arms broken and never healing properly. She is also mentally ill, and has been through a lot of trauma, and initially started because both her parents died quite close in time period. So that is another...
  3. Lostinthestatic

    My mother’s trauma is mine?

    TLDR; My mother was diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and ptsd, depression and I’m not sure what else. Sometimes her trauma feels like it was mine. Have you ever felt like this with a parent? I grew up witnessing my mom self-destruct. She was/is(?) addicted to...
  4. A

    The Hidden Danger of Xanax Addiction

    Status Epilepticus! It almost sounds funny, unlike "cancer" for example. And how many of you, Xanax/benzos user have even heard of it? Anyone? I thought so! In November of 2017 I was a Xanax addict but I never considered myself a true "addict". I mean, addicts crave and and shake while they go...
  5. G

    Behavioral Addiction

    I have a really terrible Behavioral Addiction I've been trying to overcome for years. My symptoms have definitely gotten better... however I can tell I'm a little broken on the inside and I'm unsure why. I wish I didn't feel as lonely as I always do. I wish I had more people in my life to...
  6. M

    E-pens yes or no

    My daughter wants a vape. She’s a self harmer and suffers suicidal thoughts and currently in a unit. She thinks it might help when she comes out. She’s never had an addiction to anything until self harm. What are people’s thoughts on this? Was thinking non nicotine vape ?
  7. Anime-Alchemy

    Process of overcoming my addiction

    Well, for the gazillionth time I am trying to overcome this addiction I have. Monday was the first day of not acting on it and today is the 7th day. In the past the longest I have gone is 8 months? but that was a one off but I want this to be a permanent and lifelong change.
  8. R

    I grew up always trying to fight or hide the pain i keep inside

    There are good days and there are also bad days and what i mean by those days are the days where you are successful in not doing any "art" on your skin and today is one of those goods. These are the days i cherish the most where in I over come the nagging pain and to not grab a "pencil" to draw...
  9. N

    Sex addiction and BPD

    Does anyone have a sex addiction and BPD? Could really use someone to talk to x
  10. vanish

    I am still thinking about it years on

    In 2006 - 2009 I went on a three year boozing and cocaine/amphetamines binge. I am not proud of it, but I still have the urge to go there again. I felt no pain, had a social life with plenty of friends, I had money to literally burn if I wanted. I only stopped because my best mate committed...
  11. D

    Addicted to Escapism since I was a little kid and don't know what to do.

    Addicted to Escapism since I was a little kid and don't know what to do. Just for context on my age and whatnot, I’m 22, have an associate’s degree in liberal arts and am going back to college this fall (living in a dorm) at a nearby university. Over the last year or so, i have begun finally...
  12. Kerome

    Stephen Fry has bipolar I...

    I just saw this fragment of a bbc interview in which he talked about his addiction and his bipolar I diagnosis, very interesting.
  13. D

    hi there

    New to the forum.. Joined because I honestly dont even know what to do with myself.. I think Im a bit manic at the moment.. Ive had the worst last two weeks.. Im about to lose it.. Im bipolar 1 and I have struggled with depression, psychosis, addiction etc for years and years.. At this point I...
  14. Mark_01

    Addiction and Psychosis

    Does addiction and psychosis have anything in common? I don't drink or do drugs, so I can't be cured by stopping. The opioid problem here in America have "professionals" saying addicts belong in the mental health system. I don't know if that is right.
  15. H

    I think I'm becoming addicted to my medication

    Hi, been gone a while because things seemed to be going fairly well recently but a lot of things have happened in the past few months that have put me back a few steps. I'm currently on 100mg Sertraline and I've been on it for about 2-3 weeks. In the past week I've been going into panic attacks...
  16. T

    Feeling lost with no guiding light left in site

    dealing with my mental health problem ive done well But I can't help feeling lost like there is no purpose in my life I went shopping today and gve a homeless man five pounds I'm so super anxious around people im meeting my friends on Friday and I don't think I have anything to talk about. What...
  17. M

    Shame and guilt even after beating porn addiction.

    Anyone else here struggled with porn addiction, has beaten it and is dealing with the shame and guilt associated with it? I can't seem to get over the guilt and shame of my past addiction. Can anyone else relate?
  18. U

    I get pleasure from pain, but my mental condition is perfectly fine

    Like you can see from the title, I get pleasure from hurting myself. I think I'm getting addicted to it. I know that when your body is hurt it releases hormones called endorphins and that is why I get pleasure from hurting myself. I don't have a depression, anxiety or other mental issues, so I...
  19. E

    Any book recommendations?

    Hi, I am living with a polydrug addict. There have been multiple overdoses and things are getting bad. Can anyone recommend some books on understanding addiction or living with loved ones that are addicts? I need to understand this disease better. Anything you've read that has helped will really...
  20. F

    Soaring drug addiction fatalities are a problem psychiatry can address

    Drug addiction: a problem that psychiatry can address | MHT I wonder what those who have addiction problems think.