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  1. P

    2 Minutes to Fall Asleep

    How To Fall Asleep In Two Minutes Using A Military Approved Technique The first time I tried this I fell asleep quickly and had a refreshing sleep and woke in a good mood! Then I added lightly dragging my finger tips from my forehead to my chin and neck to help relax the face.
  2. naominash

    Nutrition Plan to Recover from Schizophrenia

    "DIET: Elimination of all processed or prepared foods containing added refined sugars and probably 90% of other additives, as foods that contain added sugars usually contain other additives. Elimination diets to remove all foods to which the patient is allergic or sensitive...
  3. R


    TW. what bothers me is people want to add you as a friend, then don't bother to answer you? If you are not well or a genuine reason that's ok, or you could at least say sorry I haven't been in touch because..... Like someone added me yesterday, which I answered, asked how they were so far...
  4. Lincoln1990

    I asked...

    My therapist if constipation was a side effect of any of my medications. She said no... Risperdal Lexapro Ambien Cyprohepatadine Buspar She added Lamotrigine and Temazepam. I'm leary of new meds...
  5. E

    Ow dear...!

    Well this is rather scary, what am i doing.. I've been on here looking and reading and looking some more, what an amazing place. Full of comments that make me realise im not all alone on these paths we walk down. I have depression, anxiety and other issues that go back 12 years, before i really...
  6. Skater

    Im stuck... Thoughts pleaseeeeee?

    I dont know if this is the right forum for my ramblings, I apologise if it isnt ... Last week friday I got to my sports practice & when I got there, I didnt get ready for it straight away. My mum then asked me if I wanted to go & I said I dont mind, a few seconds later I added ' I thought you...
  7. M

    Any expeience with Divalpoex?

    My doctor added divalpoex to my list of medication today. Any expeiences with this medication?
  8. M

    completely had enough

    been thinking about stopping my tablets for gd but decided to have my appt with my pdoc to see how it went and I know my cpn has contacted him about changing my meds cos they just not doing what they should. had enough of the side effects being quite bothersome but cant drop down because of my...
  9. delatext

    Bees amazing

    Super potent honey cures MRSA and blasts bacteria * * By Danny Buckland 4/11/2010 Scientists have discovered a remarkable ultra-pure honey which can kill MRSA and other lethal antibiotic-resistant bugs. The sweet food can be used as a potent cream or added to wound dressings to blast...
  10. firemonkey

    Interesting article