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  1. H

    Anxiety Disorder? Or am I Just Dramatic?

    Hello! So I guess I will start with some background info: I am 22 years young with ADD. I take Concerta which I feel like increases my anxiety symptoms but what I will be discussing also happens when I am not taking concerta. My step father is a narcissist, to say the least, but we are no longer...
  2. E

    Going through rough times (Depressed, co dependent, ADD)

    Hello all, After 15 years of marriage my wife and I are getting divorced. I also got fired from my very good job due to lack of production. Digging into this a bit more I think you will be able to paint the whole picture. I'm not sure if I ever truly loved my wife. I have always had...
  3. albie

    Enhanced Attention Syndrome

    I think I have invented it. And have it. It means I spot coincidences more than most. I see and hear too much. It is the opposite of ADD. It was fun seeing more but now it has turned bad.
  4. F

    Hello I'm new herre and I am hoping to get help and to help others by discussing my achievements with anxiety

    Hello I'm new herre and I am hoping to get help and to help others by discussing my achievements with anxiety Hi Everyone I am new to the forum. I would like to help other people by replying to their threads and offering any help that I can which is based on my own achievements with anxiety...
  5. 7

    Possible psychotic symptoms are the only thing keeping me from getting assessed for ADD. Feeling stuck

    Possible psychotic symptoms are the only thing keeping me from getting assessed for ADD. Feeling stuck This is my first post. I'll try to be succinct but there's a lot to cover. I got assessed for ADD recently by a psychologist (unofficial, I have to go to a psychiatrist if I want it to...
  6. The Owl


    Sorry I cant make this a long post. I am to emotional. I don't want to be on here but feel so alone right now. I'll add more when I feel able. I am male and lost. Looking for answers,:sorry: and friends I can trust.
  7. R

    New To This

    I have no one to talk to. If anyone is interested please add me. TY for reading
  8. M

    Famous People that have depression (add to list)

    Hello. Many famous people have suffered from depression , past or present. If you know of a famous person that has had a depressive order please add it to the forum post. JIM MORRISON .................. lead singer of "The Doors"
  9. Angel Of Darkness


    Just to update, I'm ok, just about. As you know, I put out a call for help on the forum and I understand that you guys couldn't really do much for me at the time, I managed to get help via a friend on FB (facebook) and an ambulance came plus the Police who had to break in. I was taken to Bedford...
  10. Per Ardua Ad Astra

    Recipe for Corned Beef Hash

    Poopy Doll was asking about a recipe for corned beef hash. I have got the recipe and method off my mother, and here it is: 1 onion 1 carrot 1 stick of celery 2 gloves of garlic 3 large potatoes 340g tin corned beef beef stock cube Dried mixed herbs 15ml olive oil Salt and pepper Peel and...
  11. A

    Motivational songs

    Hey, I am not sure if there is a similar thread here, but I would like to start a collection of motivational songs that help people when they're down. Please feel free to add. I shall add some of my own when I can get around to it:)
  12. M

    Could I have ADHD / ADD?

    Hi All! Was wondering if anyone knew much about ADHD / ADD. I keep thinking I may have it. I currently study at university and find it very hard to remain focussed on the same thing for longer than 10 minutes. That does depend however. Sometimes I can, it depends on how engaged or how much I...
  13. S

    What can I do?

    I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for a number of years and I'm not sure why (now 20). I've had a healthy upbringing with lots of friends and family around. I'm physically fit and have a good diet. I've tried various anti-depressants but none seem to work and quite frankly...
  14. A


    How to add friends here?:unsure:
  15. P


    Hello everyone! As you have guessed, I am new here. Unfortunately I feel unsafe giving out too much information here, but I can at least tell you that I am a girl, I like arts and embroidery and I play the piano. I'm still a student. I'm undergoing therapy but it does not help too much at the...
  16. T

    A friend of mine making very strange claims

    Hello everybody, To begin with, I am not in the US and English is not my first language so, if I write anything you do not very well understand, please let me know and I will clarify. I am not sure where to post this message but I assumed the Personality Disorders Forum could be a good place...
  17. AlbinoShadow

    ADD: have any of you failed to respond to stimulants?

    Though I originally sought out treatment for depression, about a year ago I was also diagnosed with ADD. While I certainly relate to the symptoms and experiences documented by others with ADD, I am more than a little perplexed as three different types of stimulants (Concerta ER, Ritalin, and...
  18. P

    Can anyone help please? uni and taking a year out- benefits?

    Hello Everyone I am hoping to receive some advice as I am really struggling at the moment. I have assignments stacking up on an endless pile and I cannot cope. My depression is really bad and add this to being dyslexic and having ADD means that no matter how hard I try I cannot concentrate...
  19. R


    TW. what bothers me is people want to add you as a friend, then don't bother to answer you? If you are not well or a genuine reason that's ok, or you could at least say sorry I haven't been in touch because..... Like someone added me yesterday, which I answered, asked how they were so far...
  20. T

    Diagnosis of everything

    It gets on my nerves when people diagnose themselves with everything. One day they say they have OCD. then They say they have Bi Polar, sometimes. Then they say they have got ADHD. Then they say they have ADD Then they describe their dyslexia Then they describe their dyspraxia...