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  1. S

    BED - Managing the gap between diagnosis and treatment

    Hi, all. After a long period of trial/denial/fear, I spoke with my GP on Thursday and he agrees that I am deep into BED territory. I have a fasting blood test on Wednesday of next week with an appointment the Wednesday after for the results so we can eliminate any underlying conditions or...
  2. Kerome

    The WRAP, wellness recovery action plan

    Has anyone heard about this, it’s a course that’s become quite popular over here where experience experts often give it as a course to groups of patients. It’s intended to confront people with where they are in their recovery process and how planning for progress and steps back can help you be...
  3. C

    I hate mh services

    They have ruined my life. Bunch of incompetant idiots. So slowe to initiate action. Bunch of lowliv3s with absolutely no heart.
  4. B

    Scared... to be honest

    Im just trying to make an effort to evoke some kind of paradigm shift in my toxic phyce and take action. I am a brand new old soul. Needing to change and heal and grow.
  5. K

    Just got back from the Doctor.

    Great news, she was wonderful, very very helpful, patient and understood everything. I told her about my carer basically telling me I can't receive help anymore and she was absolutely furious, so she rung the intervention team and requested immediate action be taken with me and my issues. She...
  6. M


    Long story short. I am having to take legal action against my work because of a accident at work. They are refusing to pay me for the time I had off. (accident wasn't my fault) The main issue is that when it was reported to the local authority (as I was taken to hospital) they reported it as...
  7. M

    well his psychiatrist never even bother to return my my call today and will see him next week at his appointment, I was told I am pulling my hair out

    well his psychiatrist never even bother to return my my call today and will see him next week at his appointment, I was told I am pulling my hair out here. Maybe I should have told the school, that would have made/forsed him into action. What is th well his psychiatrist never even bother to...
  8. prairiechick

    Drastic Action

    I am having a REALLY BAD DAY. And I feel like I need to do something drastic, like self-harm or shave my head or something.:mad:
  9. cloudberry

    wow, I thinkI just did it instead of worrying about it

    I have been worrying about something for over three years now. But today i actually did something about it! I took action. I've posted up on here before about how worried I am about my dad. and how painful it is to me to see this exploitation and deterioration hand in hand with him and his...
  10. J

    trigger just wants to die

    I cant take anymore lossing, lost my life. I have a plan had a plan for a while now. Really dtruggling and now this could be the time to put it in action im not said about this im happy :) i will at least be at peace and no more suffering :)
  11. B

    Reply from stephen gilbert re dolly's teeth

    Hi Guys In my impatience at not having heard anything from my MP since we all emailed him, and probably because today the pain seems to have reached a new level entirely, I emailed him again and asked him if he had received my first email. I then got this reply: Hi Laura Many thanks for...
  12. E

    cut off from the action of the world

    Hi I do not have schizophrenia, but a only slightly milder dose called schizoaffective disorder. I am finding life very boring and cut off from the action of the world even though I live in london. Does anyone else feel or has felt the same and how do they cope? It would be helpful to me to...
  13. J

    Psychiatry is a service not a sentance

    My path to enlightenment is simply that I'm learning that Internalised anger is a destructive and a extremely negative emotion,its the opposite to forgiveness in action which is whot we otherwise call Love. Godbless JD/Frankie:dance::flower2::loveshower::woohoo:
  14. P

    Help with moderation

    Hi Everyone I was away for a week, got back on Tuesday, so wasn't picking up the posts that came through, this led to some postings that went over th line of reasonable and friendly discussion that we want to promote on this forum. Disagreements are fine, but respectfulness is essential too. I...
  15. Teddybearatkeans

    Hello all just booking in.

    Hello all, Just joined, looking forward to the fun action and helpful advice along the journey. :tea:
  16. PoppyShakespeare

    Hey everyone!

    Hi everyone. I've been wondering what to say here. I'm 29 and I have had a problem with depression all my life, but it was only 'officially' diagnosed when I was 24. Since my teens I've also had a problem with self harm, and although it isn't as regular as it once was it is still something that...
  17. E

    Hi,I am new,I don't know what's wrong with me,can any1 help me?

    My symptoms: 1. I am in hyper-vigilant state all the time, more observant and aware of people and surrounding, when there are people around me, no matter stranger or friends, my attention keep focusing on them vigilantly, when they have small movement, I will have action to protect myself, but I...
  18. messedupmiss

    Little old me

    Hi there just wanted to say that I have had mental health problems all my life but really bad for over 10 years, married to someone who also has severe mental health problems and together we care for our 3 children. Its basically a happy but fruitloop home and we muddle through the only way we...