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  1. F

    Acid Reflux? Info needed please.

    I have IBS and it is under control. Recently I have been getting acid reflux, and it is giving me a lot of pain. I am going to try Gaviscon when it net strikes. If anyone has any advice, tips etc please say. Also I don't drink any herbal tea, which ones may help?
  2. A

    bloated feeling and acid reflux causing breathing issues??

    Hi guys just a quick question, has anyone noticed if feeling bloated and/or acid reflux can make your breathing feel short? many thanks
  3. B

    Not Salads

    I’ve been doing very good not having an acid reflux episode. I decided to eat a salad. I mean, its a salad. Why would that give me acid reflux. Well, the pain started late last night and today, it continues. I’m already 3 Alka Seltzer chews down. This is ridiculous :mad:
  4. B

    Recurring Acid Reflux

    For almost a month, I’ve had acid reflux every week for about 5 days. When it goes away, of course, I’m starved. Unable to eat a lot while I’m in pain. I eat a salad or sandwich or bananas... and bamb! Acid reflux back. Well, it hit again yesterday and i spent the night tossing turning and...
  5. R

    dnt no wats happenin to me

    Hey i dont really know how to explain wats happenin or where it started..but i used to take alot of acid smoke alot of weed do k everything basically apart from herion n crack.. i havnt taken these substances for over a year now on halloween i did dabble back into it. i had an acid tab.. ever...
  6. deadchick07

    shrink tomorrow- advice please

    got the shrink tomorrow, do i tell them ive come off my meds? also, been having this weird acid burning under my scalp for 3 weeks intermittantly through the day. struggling with stress.
  7. F

    depression and paranoia what to do?

    I am terrified of being victim to an acid attack. This was after I saw a YouTube video about someone getting acid thrown on them. Ever since then I am getting really paranoid like, a few days ago i saw a video of a woman getting attacked by a guy punching her in the face and she had ti get...
  8. T

    Is this 'normal'?

    I've had some issues with my tummy, excess acid, pain after certain things like coffee (I think this is from purging), but I also keep getting (TMI) upset stomach too, and I just don't want to eat anything. I mean, I am eating, but I have to make an effort, try and keep it regular. I just want...
  9. T

    Stomach damage?

    Has anyone here had problems with their stomachs they think is caused by their ED? I've had unpredictable, shall we say, bowels (sorry, tmi) and pain after eating, more acid etc. I've started having to take omeprazole. Xx
  10. skitzofrantik

    need to escape

    Feeel i am going crazyer by the minute, just want anything to numb this terror, unfortuantley in my area there is an a-z avaible wi ch i know oviously doesnt help, ut i just want to back to a time where i could just take something and escape and watch pink floyd the wall or acid house, and for...
  11. A

    Valproic Acid side effects

    Hi, I just got on 1000mgs of valproic acid and I feel super fatigued. I have good mood but physically I feel so heavy like someone turned up the gravity! Caffeine helps but I would rather not add more stress to my body. Will the tiredness go away in time?
  12. A

    Folic acid as mood stablizer

    For 11 months, I'm treating myself with vitamins, and other useful herbs and supplements. I often consult orthomolecular practitioner. If any of you have problems with unpredictable, severe, fast switching, and treatment-non responsive bipolar disorder - try folic acid! It can be so simple...
  13. daydreambeliever

    Any one had an ulcer or acid reflux etc???

    i had an ulcer and now i have acid reflux if i don't eat at certain times, it sucks. D any digestive problems? :drunk::scared::cry::blush::sorcerer: :dance:
  14. prairiechick

    I don't know how to not eat too much

    ...and it's driving me crazy. I feel so bad about binging the way I have yesterday and today. I have been feeling so depressed since Thursday and I just want something in my life to feel good so I eat all my pleasure foods like ice cream and potato chips and cookies, and all of this doesn't...
  15. B

    Increase in Medication

    Hi all... I have Bipolar and currently take 800mg of Lithium and 750mg of Valproic Acid, but lately i have not felt too well and have fallen into a depressive phase of the illness and have needed some time of work as I have felt too ill to go to work. following a blood test and an appointment...
  16. T

    sick of meds

    I'm sick of taking all these meds, Venlafaxine Pizotifen Prochlorperazine Sumatriptan Dihydrocodeine Gabapentin Mebeverine Mefenamic acid Tranexamic acid If i'm gonna have a fresh start it's time to stop taking all this.
  17. T

    acid stomach top tip

    i suffer with wicked acid stomach caused through the anxiety and the meds. i was on lansoparole for years until my gp wanted me to have a camera down my throat. there was no way i was having that done! so i went it alone. i was spending a fortune on ranitidine gaviscon zantac etc. so by chance i...
  18. T

    Omeprazole, 4 Acid Indigestion

    I though I'd mention Omeprazole as it's probably saved my life Many times i've almost inhaled stomach Acid while asleep ( like Jimi Hendrix did) But the omeprazole cures it, I get it on prescription.