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  1. BorderlineDownunder

    Teaching Mental Health In Schools

    It occurs to me that we are so focused on the right school and universities we are failing to teach our kids some super basic stuff about Mental Health. Families (my own included) focus on Achievement and give zero coaching on how to actually be successful or fulfilled or balanced or happy or...
  2. I

    New Start

    I'm hurting so much still from loosing people who I thought were friends they never want to see me anymore and don't care and I have lost so much so my plan is to write them a letter and self harm because it hurts to much I've managed to put on an act all week which is a big achievement but this...
  3. H

    Controlling mother - Help please!

    I'm on here looking for a bit of advice on how to handle a situation with my mum. Thought i'd get honest opinions here. Sorry this is going to be a bit lengthy. A bit of background. I am 23 and I have suffered from depression and social anxiety since my early teens. Last year my mental health...
  4. B

    What do you say to yourself?

    So I woke up at 7am. Boyfriend went to work and since then I've been sat in bed looking at my phone. It's 13:15. That's over 6 hours of nothing and this is what I would end up doing every day if I didn't have to go to work or pretend I was ok to my boyfriend. The suns out. I've been moaning...
  5. F

    The Real Link Between the Psychopathology Spectrum and the Creativity Spectrum

    The Real Link Between the Psychopathology Spectrum and the Creativity Spectrum Plato once noted that “creativity is a divine madness, a gift from gods.” Romantic notions of the link between mental illness and creativity still appear prominently in popular culture. But ever since scientists...
  6. T

    Having babies

    In the last 7yrs I've had 3 babies (+ 1 older) & by now I would have been having another (if I were mental, lol), for some reason tonight I feel a little sad that I'll never be having any more. But, thinking about it, it's all selfish, and always has been. To be pregnant, feel special, look...
  7. W

    Just thoughts...

    Bipolar is the the game that keeps on ending and never ends. With no extra lives or save points. Each time, screwing every part of the game up and each time having to find the fucking strength to hive it another shot. Or not. Achieving anything in this life will never be an achievement for me...