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  1. W

    Sodium Valporate.

    Word of warning :When you're at lifes end the NHS will wailon you. Sodium Valporate 2grams per day is ruining my quality of life. I can't achieve anything on the meds and I've been on them 17 years in excess now.... What am I gonna do?!
  2. C

    I can't imagine wanting to live

    It would be a nice feeling to want to be alive, but I feel like it's something I will never achieve
  3. D

    I'm not recovering

    Hey, I'm going through a lot of problems including depression, anxiety, hearing voices, sleeping problems, diet etc. I'm not being able to achieve the recovery I want. I live in a 3rd world country and considering my options in a foreign country. Home treatment is not working for me...
  4. M

    May be in wrong category

    But I just had to get these thoughts out. I want to make rapists and molestors and other subhuman... things suffer. I say subhuman things because they are far from human to me. They are infesting this world like a swarm of ants and they need to be crushed. I wish their suffering could be viewed...

    Hair Styling.

    Hi: I have grown my hair fairly long. It is quite thick, and I quite like it. But I think it looks best when it is brushed back and recently washed. I am wondering the best way to style it. I prefer the dry look, and brushed up, like Ted Danson's character from Cheers. I am wondering what...
  6. Funnyday

    Its All A Game

    My voice today has told me that there is a game being played with people who hear voices. We're all pawns in a game of life played by elites. They manipulate us to put us in positions to achieve goals that assist them in winning. Sounds strange I know. The thing is I'm not playing their game...
  7. nutri

    if you think that Life is pointless?

    scientists & the media promote the idea that life is pointless, but it's false A variation on this view is the view that "I know what the point is, but I'm not 'good' enough to achieve it" This is also false. Ask yourself: Where did you get the idea that you know what the point is, or that...
  8. Heart_moon

    Getting Financial Help, maybe ?

    Hi All, My daughter had psychotic symptoms the same time as me- spring 2006 i was 38yrs , she was 14 yrs. i was later diagnosed with Bi-polar. My daughter was diagnosed with severe depression, she also began self harming. A few years ago, she was then re-diagnosed with social anxiety. She...
  9. cpuusage

    8 Ways School is Making Children Stupid and Depressed

    BY SOFO ARCHON 8 Ways School is Making Children Stupid and Depressed | The Unbounded Spirit School is supposed to help children grow into mature, conscious, responsible, intelligent adults, who have mastered the art of living, and who can contribute their gifts to the world. School as we know...
  10. BillFish

    Saving money

    Didn't save, haven't saved all my life since I was a kid, wasn't taught to save either. Always spent my wages when I had them.But I'm looking at some photography gear I want, I also want to go on a few road trips. And the only way I'll achieve that is if I actually save some money. Do you save...
  11. B

    My CV

    Hi, everybody! I’m 29. My career as a paranoid schizophrenic began in 2007. I’ve faced many challenges since then: different medications, causing serious side effects, two psychotic crises (I’ve been hospitalised once), incompetent psychiatrists (I made the mistake of trusting them), chronic...
  12. 1

    mental illness is new to me

    Hello. I just signed here hoping to find some help or better understanding or a friend. First time I went to see a psychiatrist was in September when I broke down and called the police because I didn't know what to do with myself. Last month I was prescribed a mood stabiliser and I have a...
  13. C

    Bath and North East Somerset

    Bath and North East Somerset Second Step 0117 909 6630 [email protected] The team at Second Step is made up of people with a shared desire and determination to deliver recovery and wellbeing opportunities for people with mental health problems to enable them to achieve their hopes and...
  14. D


    i feel as if im alone. im starting to go back into depression again. i just feel like theres nothing really out there or no one really out there for me. im afraid if i keep going down this path ill start self harming again. i already started to have suicidal thoughts and frequent thoughts of...
  15. I

    What is wrong with me? Is this life any worth living?

    I will try me best to let this post just become a bunch of rambling mess.I am at a point in life where I am totally aimless.There seems to be no direction to life.Everything feels meaningless. To start with I was always an introverted guy.I had few friends. I didn't really liked socializing.I...
  16. L

    I'm really tired all the time

    I have less energy every day and can sleep for hours during the day (I sleep at night as well). How am I supposed to achieve anything if I permanently feel like I haven't slept for a month? When I wake up I'm no less tired. I was supposed to have something booked at 1pm but I was too tired and...
  17. C

    Raising self-esteem

    The best way I find to battle depression or excess self-doubt is to raise self-esteem. I achieve this in two ways. Firstly, managing to achieve a sugarless diet. Second, beating the computer three times in a row at hearts; this affirms the supremacy of human thought. How do you raise your...
  18. N

    How do you get over the things that bother you?

    I can't do anything properly with the problems I have. No matter what I try to do its always there in my mind eating away. I try to forget and not let it bother me but it does. If I don't get rid of them then I will be designed to be a loser for the rest of my life as I wont achieve anything...
  19. K

    Mental equilibrium in society

    I hope you are all well and feeling good. I have reached a summit, an equilibrium and stability. Ones' mentality is currently feeling good and I wanted to share. These words are not meant to be poetic or chronological but personal experiences that I have felt or thought about. I hope you enjoy...
  20. E

    Changing an Abusive Relationship

    In my opinion, fear or shame are the keys to controlling us. When we change this control mechanism, voices can change. So here are some points that may help: 1. Identify the trigger. When a voice makes a remark, note your body language and that of other people. Note what kind of environment you...