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  1. A

    sympton survey and how you deal/dealt with them

    So as the thread states this is for everyone to day what symptoms they get, how long they last and how long in total or on and of you have had them I think this will be a good way for us all to relate to how we feel and know that we're not alone So mine are Chest aches and pains- on and of for...
  2. M

    All over pain with depression

    My entire body aches as if I have the flu without the stomach issues and I have chronic fatigue. This has been going on for months in conjunction with depression, and at least 4 years I've had less intense aches and pains. My doctors ran a bunch of tests and nothing came up. Fortunately my...
  3. A

    please read, chest aches and pains

    Hi all so for around about 7 years i have had chest aches and pains and in that time i have had numerous blood tests and a couple ecgs all of which was normal. I have also been to the doctors countless times and had my blood pressure done, heart and lungs listened to etc and my oxygen. Again all...
  4. A

    Need someone to relate to about chest aches and pains

    I've had this for around 4/5 years now I've had ecgs in the past and blood tests etc. Numerous times the doctor has listened to my heart and lungs and all is fine as well as my blood pressure. But still I get aches and pains in my chest, upper back and neck. I've had a sports massage and he said...
  5. M

    My whole body aches

    Feel really shit
  6. prairiechick

    I ache

    Inside I am filled up with so much sorrow and pain. My whole being aches with sadness. I need to cry, but I don't want to cry. I just want the sadness to be gone. I want to be happy and normal.
  7. O


    Anyone get really intense head aches at the front of the head and around the eyes that doesn't seem to want to go away?
  8. S

    On Sertraline and Struggling to Sleep

    hi im new to this site but wanted to see if i could get some feedback off anybody who has been put on sertraline ive been on it for almost 3 weeks and im struggleing to sleep my jaw aches as if ive been on uppers and ive found myself abit too happy i know that sounds strange but i think they r...
  9. R

    counselling and aches

    Hi, I went to the doctors and was referred to a counsellor. Does anyone have any experience of counselling? What should I expect? Also, has anyone ever had aches that just never seem to go? For a couple of weeks now I've had aches all over, but especially back, neck and shoulders. Can't be...
  10. pentagram

    body memories

    I often hear that some of my aches and pains get worse cos of the stress I am under, could be psychosomatic, ie the body is reflecting what the mind is doing to it but I wonder if this is the wrong way around. Has my body got memories of it's own? I always wake up with aches and pains far worse...
  11. velvetfeet

    ow.. just chopped the bloody end off my finger making soup

    ow ow ow ow ow ow..... hubby coming home from work to take me to hosp for a dressing..... trying to stop bleeding not very bi polar but still. my whole arm aches with it velvet