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  1. O

    Bipolar disorder

    My wife is always hearing voices and they talk bad about me and some times her they lie to her and she believes them over me and the kids and she's lost one kid all together and I am trying to make it were she don't lose us to .please help ..she hears allot of voices thru sound waves and other...
  2. D

    How do I fix mistake

    So I'm with someone who hates me I tend to make that happen without even accusing him of anything? So how do I build my life and get out of this ugly situation?
  3. R

    I really struggle in relationships

    So I have bpd and I think this is the most painful area of my life. I have no friends. I tend to get reaaaally clingy in relationships. basically I just seem to be in this vicious cycle where I meet a nice guy, hes protective over me (which I seem to need) and we're loved up for a while. then I...
  4. TheVoices-hehears


    So I signed up for this site because I need help with my fiancé, he is hearing voices and I don't know what to do anymore, I feel like maybe I'm not good enough for him, like maybe somehow I'm doing this to him, we haven't seen a doctor yet but will in a couple weeks. If I could just hear from...
  5. GingerBeard

    I dont know what to do.

    So im back in London and away from my Fiancee atm and she is accusing me of cheating on her and flirting with people out of nowhere. I havent even done anything wrong and never would but the voices in my head are so strong right now trying to make me harm myself.. what am i meant to do i cant...
  6. C

    Instructions from God.

    I have been hearing voices for over 4four years. Only over the last two weeks I have heard God giving me instructions. Have also being receiving telepathic onslought from the naighbours and my psychiatrist who is accusing me of things, I can't repeat on here what they say as it will course...
  7. Lappelduvide


    Lately I can't stop accusing my partner of lying/cheating/ etc. They've already said over and over that they're telling the truth and promised they aren't doing those things. Am I mistakingly thinking my bpd feelings are intuition? Anyone have advice, how can I stop accusing?
  8. F


    Has anybody gotten rid of the voices, made them stop? if so, how? They are accusing me of some bad things, like being a killer, [removed] the top of my head has gone all fuzzy.
  9. D

    would not entertain community care again after this

    Daughter got ill very quick while taking her meds, to cut the story short from a space of 4 days. First day ill in the space of 6 hours. end of second day, called an ambulance, they were very good, she did not want to go but walked out with no fuse, obviously ill and in need of admission, very...
  10. J


    I'm having a really hard time, work are making me go to a disciplinary hearing. they seem to think I am crazy and are accusing me of bullying. on Thursday I took an overdose. today I don't know what to do.
  11. B

    My Mother.

    I think I just need to vent, I don't know that I'm actually looking for advice, just a sounding board I guess. My mother, I'm pretty sure has BPD, (as do I) but according to her she is the only normal, mentally healthy person in our family. (Deflection much?) She is constantly accusing my...
  12. B

    feeling like you cant rely on anyone

    my mum divorced my dad when i was 14 to live with this guy JB. She knew at the time this guys daughter was accusing him of incest. I lived with my mum and him for 2 years, during that time he would frequently kiss me and grope my ass while he's at it and just generally be inappropriate. I...
  13. bulbie

    Someone please help why is it my fault?

    I fucking hate FB. Some girl keeps flirting with him on there, so I asked if I could talk to him about it. Now he's going spare at ME for it, saying I'm accusing him of cheating. He makes out I treat him like utter crap. I can't cope with this anymore. He is my soulmate, but this just isn't...