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  1. FizzyCustard

    Howdy from a newbie!

    Hello all! I'm Jamie, or Jay for short (girl) from the West Midlands in England. I thought I'd join this forum to hopefully make new friends and talk with other people who have generalised anxiety disorder like myself. Due to a lot of anxiety recently I deleted all my social media accounts...
  2. Y

    Advice needed

    I'm looking for some advice with quite a frustrating problem I am having. I keep making new email accounts - I've literally made one or two every single day. If I make a new email account and add it to my social media accounts and then don't use my accounts that day, I then for some reason feel...
  3. S

    Previous relationship -- feeling sick at heart

    I posted this in the PD forum which maybe is not the appropriate place so trying here. Hi, this is my first post and I need support from people who understand my situation. I had a relationship with someone early last year. It was long distance, casual but at the same time intense. He was...
  4. cpuusage

    Mind, Myth and Madness: Are biological accounts of mental illness useful?

    Mind, Myth and Madness: Are biological accounts of mental illness useful? Mind, Myth and Madness
  5. S

    Members closed accounts

    Ive noticed under alot of user names on posts 'Account Closed'. This is making me feel anxious. Why are so many accounts closed? Some of them are regular posters who come on here alot. I feel worried. It's also a bit sad when people suddenly disapear :(
  6. cpuusage

    Class struggle and mental health: Live to fight another day

    The long-awaited and beautifully illustrated pamphlet bringing together accounts from anarchists around the globe about what it means to suffer from mental illness and what we, as individuals and a movement, can do about it...
  7. F

    I think I have messed myself up

    I am sure the irregular sleep patterns have caught up with me. Something tells me I am not right . Woke up this morning with a headache and feeling cold. Felt cold on getting up quite a lot recently. I know the other day I put on a jacket to go outside because I felt chilly but when I got...
  8. maybe.shes.a.wildflower

    how best to organise joint debts after break up?

    Hiya I was never married but our bank accounts and all debts bar one credit card are joint . Has anyone got experience of what's best to do? I would rather avoid the stress of getting legal advice if possible but I think in terms of the mortgage it would have to be threw them legal types? I...
  9. N

    New Petition Just being started.Please sign and asl your friends and families to sign it.Mental Health Drugs and Safety.

    New Petition Just being started.Please sign and asl your friends and families to sign it.Mental Health Drugs and Safety. Please sign this petition and get as many people as you can to sign it.Please also post on your facebook accounts and twitter...
  10. A

    Is it me, or what?

    Take a look at what was obviously coming your way, today, or in your near future. and while I am about it, do not bother if I can't be up to coming on this quite regular because I have got a lot on. just a thought. anyone want a cup of tea over at the comptrollor's office of the auditor of...
  11. E

    why is my account still open

    Delete account !! I have asked twice now for a simple action to be completed......give people the control over there own accounts so they can delete content they have put up or there own account its our choice not mods !! Stress isn't the word to describe this
  12. X

    Post some memories of a manic / depressive episode.

    Some of you know I'm doing a final major project at college on Bi Polar Disorder for my Art and Design class. Currently on the research phase looking up the classifications of Bi Polar + History + Famous Artists with it + And my own experience and now I'm just looking for some other peoples...