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    The extra-ordinary gwen mcdonald case

    Psychologist Peter Ramster says he was able to hypnotically regress Gwen Mcdonald to more than eleven previous lives. One memory, of a life in Somerset England around 1770, was particularly vivid. Dr. Ramster asked Gwen...
  2. C


    Flintshire Advocacy Services North Wales 1 The Podium, Ambrose Lloyd Centre, New Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1NP 01352 759332 [email protected] The advocacy service is structurally independent from statutory organisations. The service is designed and operates in a way which is free...
  3. blueflames

    TED radio hour - The Unquiet Mind

    Listened to this today and thought I'd share. It covers hallucinations, psychosis, bipolar and psychopathy. I didn't like it that much and it's not that in-depth but maybe worth a listen BBC Radio 4 Extra - TED Radio Hour, The Unquiet Mind Warning: some of the music and sounds that accompany...