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  1. A

    Struggling to find a reason to live.

    I have always loved dancing. It’s as if I feel free when I dance. I started dancing when I was a kid and continued until I was in high school and up to my early college years. I joined competitions locally and I was happy whether I win or lose. As much as I love dancing, I had to stop. I got...
  2. N

    Big Bang Accident - Near Me - 11am, today

    Hi All, i happened to set out shopping at 11, ish, and when I was on the other main road side, near me, there is almighty bang, I thouight what was that, turned, and then I witnessed what had happened. Now I have my sound and sight, it's just problems on the communication front, nothing to do...
  3. M

    Hello - Long time sufferer of this horrible and embarrassing condition seeking (?) comfort in other's experiences?

    Hello - Long time sufferer of this horrible and embarrassing condition seeking (?) comfort in other's experiences? Hello - I am new to this forum. (probably posted here before I'm sure but can't remember)... *<Warning, this got super long...> I am almost 40 and have been dealing with these...
  4. 1

    My GP is being a pain help

    So you guys are probably sick of hearing from me with this subject but here goes. So I got what I wanted from cmht and was discharged on Tuesday. Go into my gp today to get my prescription as im still on weekly scrips. Told him that id got my discharge and he instantly shuts me down. We almost...
  5. H

    Fear and Anxiety on the road!

    I have a fear of accidents, i have already been in 1 because of my mental illness and the other because i was not driving the proper way for bad road conditions. My 1st accident was 3 weeks before i was hospitalized, I was having home life and relationship issues at the time, i was on my way...
  6. M

    Accident years ago still influencing me

    Hi there, I can't find an 'answer' somewhere else, so I'm hoping someone could help me here. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. I'm a 20 year old male from the Netherlands. I have had an accident whilst mountain biking in 2013 (I was 16 years old, it was during a holiday in...
  7. S

    Is my boyfriend trying to hurt me?

    Hey everyone, I've just joined and I thought I could get some rational help here. I'm 45 years old, female and a disabled veteran. So here's my issue. I have been dating this man for 3 months and so far what I've noticed is that he likes to make me cry and then apologize. When we are in the...
  8. K

    I watched 13 Reasons Why

    So I watched 13 Reasons Why this week and it struck a nerve with me on many levels. I understand what the main character was going through. This topic has spoilers for both the show and suicide and self harm. I rarely talk about what happened in high school especially during senior year and...
  9. cpuusage

    Is the mind just an accident of the universe?

    Is the mind just an accident of the universe? | OUPblog Is Consciousness Universal? - Scientific American
  10. B

    Not myself at all

    am having trouble writing this post but I will do my best. My brain fog has completely destroyed me. I was involved in a car accident back in October and broke my 1 and 2 vertabrae in my neck. During this time I had a lot of stress at home in which I ran to my now ex who was extremely...
  11. E

    Pushed to my limit

    Hello i am a mother of 10 beautiful children, 5 of which are out of the home . I take care of the father of my children who is mentally ill . After a on the job accident (long haul truck driver)he became more and more withdrawn from all of us he has delusions and hears voices i think he hates...
  12. K

    Should I tell someone what happened to me?

    One of my Facebook friends is the kid whose accident made me hit rock bottom during my senior year of high school. My question is this: Should I tell him what effect his accident had on me? I need to move past this but I keep trying to repress everything. I even saw him once in public and I...
  13. J

    Freaking out after car accident

    Today I was in a car accident. My mom and I are ok thankfully. But I'm so worried about the insurance companies and everything that comes with it. It was her fault, she must have ran a red light but at the scene she told her dad it was my fault. I'm freaking out so bad. What if they believe her...
  14. 6

    keep thinking about death

    Started Quetiapine yesterday evening. I tried it 2 weeks ago and wasn't prepared for the extreme tiredness so stopped it. But I NEED to be on an anti psychotic and so started it again last night. oh my goodness. I am so tired today. Worse than that is I can't stop thinking about death. I think...
  15. C

    Being a blank canvas - regretted refusal

    Some years ago now I was offered the chance of having the scars on my arms and chest covered by tattoos, this was a friends boyfriend who was a free style tattooist. He said that if I was okay for him to experiment with designs on me he would gladly do all the tattoos for free but I would have...
  16. M

    I was in a car accident

    I was in a car accident last night. The car completely flipped over and I had to climb out the back. Police said I'm lucky to be alive but it doesn't feel that way. I wish I'd died there and then. It would've been an easy way out. I've been self harming more and more recently and I just don't...
  17. amathus

    7 Reasons Why Narcissists Love People Pleasers

    1.The strong attraction between narcissists and people pleasers is no accident. There is a magnetic pull between the two that is very difficult to break because each is meeting a deep need of the other. This is not the fault of one over the other. Rather, it is an unhealthy union that breeds...
  18. astronautpeach


    Hiya, I just signed up to the forum because I can do with some support. Loneliness finally has gotten the best of me, I suppose. I've been suffering from BPD and major depressive episodes since I was 16, although the BPD has only been officially diagnosed as of recent (I have known that this...
  19. S

    New Recruit

    Hi Everyone, I'm a tired Professional guy from Scotland currently living in Aberdeen, but not originally from there. (My username is a clue to my origins). Found this site by accident online, and I'm glad I did. Nice to meet you all.
  20. H

    I hear a voice in my mind.

    I think it's mine. I think I hear a voice, therefore it has to be mine. Once in a while I hear my name, but it sounds distant. When I think a voice which sounds like mine and talks, it repeats the same words I speak one in my mind and one from my mouth. I had a accident and fell on my head, ever...