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  1. F

    Did I get accepted?

    I had an interview for honours yesterday and only 3 people are accepted amongst 300 applicants. I made it to the top 10 but am very anxious about the result of the interview. My thesis topic was based upon mental health and the interview went longer than the allocated 40 minutes. They thought of...
  2. I

    Relapse and the recovery

    So... It would appear I relapsed!! That's apparant now. i had been coming off lithium with the Docs approval and it didn't work. I was experiencing a hypomanic phase, which became manic and quite dangerous. I finally admitted i needed help only a week a go and have increased the lithium and...
  3. M

    3rd time

    got the crazy on. Lost control of anger after slow build up of symptons so straight to psychiatrist. What is the general opinion of Largactil? Also on escitalopram, and have been on olanzapine, abilify and paliperidone in past. He said seroquel first but changed his mind because of cost. I have...
  4. D

    New to this

    Hello everybody. I have never done this before but I thought it could help me. I have never really joined a forum, especially one that discusses something that has taken over my life, and by that I mean self harm. I am 22 years old and have been self harming since I was 16. It started small...
  5. B


    Hi My self and my 4 year old daughter are currently homeless and have been put into emergency accomodation whilst they investigate my homeless application to see if we will be accepted and our banding will finally be moved into band 'A' so we stand a chance of getting a perminant roof over our...
  6. M

    finally been awarded dla!

    It is such a relief to me. I first applied in November. They claimed they never received it. Applied again in jan and got turned down, appealed it and they accepted. It's going to make such a big difference to me
  7. P

    Alone in my head....

    So, well, this is awkward..... Basically I came across this place and hoped I might be able to talk about how I feel without feeling everything I do or say or don't do or say is watched closely...if that makes sense. Once I tell people am bi polar they treat me different. I know they don't...
  8. Weasel

    Psychosis, Trauma, psychology and Depression

    I have had episodes of paranoid schizophrenia for 26 years Each time they put me in hospital, drug me up and let me out in the fast lane again But although the meds stop the symptoms, there was always a feeling I done something terribly wrong to deserve it - Spiritual trauma To get over this...
  9. LJayDow

    Another New One

    Hello all, My name is Laura, im 23 and from London - mother of a 20 week old boy. Have had depression since I was 15, and only recently accepted defeat and started medication. Now awaiting assessment for possible bipolar Hope all is well with everyone :)
  10. Pixie37

    In a dark place

    I can't function can't do anything. I don't want to see or speak to anyone. I am so low i can barely speak. Nothing matters to me anymore. I cant cope with this life. I'll never be able to function properly. I have finally accepted i'm ill and i give up i really do...death...death...death...the...
  11. J

    am i on my own or is their support for people who have bi polar disorders

    am i on my own or is their support for people who have bi polar disorders Hi I am new to this site and would really like to find some help support. I have only just accepted I have bi polar 2 disorder and wouldlike to know if there are any groups I can join in the plymouth area x
  12. W

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone. I'd like to introduce myself and tell you a little about me and my experiences. I'm a Brit. I'm idealistic and don't like any form of control. In 2004 I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I do not and never have accepted that diagnosis.
  13. R

    DLA Result

    Really bouncy right now as my DLA application has been accepted and I don't have to worry about money as much now. :clap: