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  1. A

    Hi 👋

    Hi, I have bipolar 1 and my partner has ocpd. Both of us has just come to accept that changes need to be made, so here I am.
  2. T

    Acceptance of depression

    I guess I am looking for support for the times when I just have to accept I can't be capable of having energy to get out of bed
  3. 1

    Debilitating POCD

    I've been dealing with POCD for a good portion of my life. Recently my POCD has been unforgiving, and has made me completely question my sexuality. It's gotten to the point where I genuinely feel like I may be attracted to kids. I was monitoring my groin, as many sufferers do with this sort of...
  4. K

    Hello everyone

    Hi just a little intro from me. I am 50 years young and have suffered from depression and generalised anxiety since I was 16. I was only diagnosed when I was 34 as I kept it to myself and self medicated with alcohol until I realised I needed help. So here I am, still suffering a few episodes...

    Accepting yourself for who you are.

    I often am angry with myself because of low self esteem which leads to depression. I think I need to accept who I am. I am going to check out a book about it. Has anybody come across this concept and feels similar?
  6. angry butterfly


    I miss them.
  7. D


    I'm not supposed seeking for help, I know people only understand from their own level of perception, don't really listen and don't really care, I'm not used to share what I feel, but I just feel the need to talk to whoever will accept talking to me
  8. L

    Trial and error

    Hi. This is a new experience using a forum but decided it may offer support from like-minded folk. I have suffered with low self-esteem and mood for a long time and know that i need to accept my imperfections 😀. Any pin-pointers on useful things would be appreciated :clap:
  9. H

    Not sure where to post this.

    So I am 29 when I was 24 I started going through psychosis. I finally seem stable, and I discontinued treatment I really feel much better off. The long list of meds never stopped the psychosis. It wasn't until my therapist finally flat out told me it was a delusion that I was able to stop...
  10. S


    I'm so fucking stupid, i can't live with myself anymore. I cannot be happy with the person i am, i'm gonna just have to accept the idea of death.
  11. S

    Borderline and having kids

    Hello lovely people. I am a 30 year old guy who absolutely wants to have kids sometime in the future - The only thing stopping me is my fear of being a bad parent due to my mentalhealth. I have a borderline diagnosis, but i am not as much affected as many other people whom i've meet who also...
  12. S

    mental illness sufferers will never be accepted by others

    i have spent most of my life,with people discriminating against me the subtle way.the reason why we are always feeling so down about are selfs,is in my opinion the other people who pretend to accept you,but be always be looked down apon us.i was diagnosed with severe anxiety at 22,and although...
  13. I

    feel so betrayed:-(

    Hi I feel so betrayed the cover job I was doing at the preschool,well someone is off this week and they've decided not to ask me this time.i must accept this job is definitely over.my life is definitely going down hill all together
  14. L


    Just a quick introduction, I'm new to forums so don't really know what I'm doing yet! I've recently split from my bf of nearly seven years so am in grief stage! I've also just discovered from online research that my ex has some form of mental health issue(I've worked a little with mental health...
  15. A

    How do I accept I will be lonely forever (Trying to solve my problems one step at a lime).

    How do I accept I will be lonely forever (Trying to solve my problems one step at a lime). I am 30, from the UK old, live on my own, have good job and am on ell the meds..etc I have been dealing with depression for ages now I am really trying to get better or find myself in a place where I can...
  16. H

    Just popped in to say hello

    Hello :hi: Anyone else here? floundering in the fog? Sometimes all that can be done is to accept. I am lost, and that is OK. :low:
  17. E

    Why don't the government accept that some people are not well enough to work?

    Why don't the government accept that some people are not well enough to work? ??? :confused::stomp:
  18. RainbowHeartz

    cant accept my diagnosis

    feel like a fake
  19. M

    Denial and excuses

    What is it people are trying to achieve when they resort to denial, or lying or making excuses ? My wife does this all the time, and I laugh it off when I can but when several people witness an event and still she denies it - what then ? And why ? With her, it boils down to self awareness; she...
  20. Zoe :)

    can't accept this

    I know I haven't been here in awhile I'm sorry.. My friends dad died this week, she used to be my bestfriend but a few months ago we had abit of a fight and things haven't been the same.. But I used to be nearly part of the family, I was always in the house I called them mam and dad and they...