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  1. C

    How do I properly punish myself?

    I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact I'm a bad person, many people have made me realise lately how much of an emotional abuser and toxic person I am. So what do I do to get the full affect of making sure I feel as much pain as possible that I deserve? They're right when saying the abused...
  2. I

    Forgiving abusers

    As you all know. My mother was very abusive to me. But after all she is still my mom. I am really wanting to forgive her and have a good relationship with her. Have any of you ever forgave an abuser?
  3. RainbowHeartz

    Trigger warning

    my abuser lives in this area avoid weird people in somerset with a steve name
  4. A

    anyone out there that can relate? Family paedophile is dead

    The family paedophile, who abused several generations of boys has died. Many years ago one family member and several men who were not known to the family made statements to the police. It was in the early days of historic prosecutions and was thrown out by CPS who said that the abuser would have...
  5. C

    Worried about being a child abuser...

    My mind is all over the place this year. For the past few months - on and off - I have worried about being a child abuser. Here's how it is at the moment: My cousin's-cousin had a child last year. The child isn't particularly pleasant to look at, and I seem to feel anger at the child. Before...
  6. mygirl1uk

    how do I tell them

    Hey, been out drinking tonight let a few things out to my friend who wants me to speak to my care co, about getting revenge on my abuser, how do I tell them what I'm feeling without getting in trouble? Really confused and scared what they would say. Any suggestions would be greatful.
  7. M


    I'm in a quandry and wondering how others handle their own home's security. I'm taking my meds as prescribed but noices never quit. I met a woman who said she was going to drive me crazy. She said her violent sexual abuser, her cousin, was going to mess me up, break into my home to break all my...
  8. M

    Another explanation

    I met a woman in the 1990s. I later found out she was an abuse victim. I didn't question why I was introduced to her abuser almost immediately upon meeting her. The whole situation gave me a bad feeling immediately. I really regret ignoring it. She claimed some of her estranged family were...
  9. A


    I think I have been abused. I am reflecting on past and have come up with this conclusion. I just dont know how I am going to deal with it. It is not easy. If I go back to the potential abuser and try and coax it out of him it will not turn back the clocks. I will still have been abused. I...