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  1. C

    I think my mother deliberately tries to make me stressed and anxious

    Hi everyone, Does anyone else here have a narcissistic mother or is familiar with the concept? I believe I have a narcissistic mother. I started to figure this out a few years ago when I ended up in an abusive relationship with a psychopath and had to leave suddenly when he threatened to hurt...
  2. F

    The pain of being love starved

    It is my understanding that a lot of the anguish folks with psychological issues are forced to endure often comes from the place in their heart that their parents failed to continually fill with the unconditional love every child deserves and needs, so it remains a gnawing (black?) hole. This...
  3. L

    I hate my disability and don't know how to stop.

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I guess this is the best place. I was diagnosed with CMT (otherwise known as HMSN) when I was 5 years old, for the first 2 years or so I never really felt any different. I felt like any other kid. Until I began being bullied for my condition, they would...
  4. W

    I’ve been remembering my past with my Best Friend. Do I subconsciously have mental illnesses from that time?

    Okay, so before the story begins you have to know me a little; I hate conflict and I’ve been told I “let people walk all over me” - I also don’t trust myself. My memory is unreliable and often I have memories of things that have happened but didn’t actually happen (this is usually my brain...
  5. nomask

    Adopted, planning to meet my bio family. Scared of how they'll react to my past.

    I'm unsure if this is the right place to put this, please let me know if it isn't. Trigger warning for abuse. I was given up for adoption after being born and only allowed to meet my biological family when I turned 18 years old. Essentially, the moment I've been born my life has been...
  6. T

    Emotional abuse towards bpd

    I work daily on myself n retraining my frontal brain... My S.O. does not.. He can he mean and emotionally controlling to the point of abuse. Its frustersting that all the info out there on BPD makes us the abuser.. Like no one cld possobly manipulate or use our disorder to gaslight and...
  7. prettyflower

    Emotional Abuse by Family?

    I am extremely depressed and anxious. My mom and older sister are controlling me and possibly emotionally abusive? I have been questioning my sexuality and gender identity since high school. A few years ago when I was in high school my older sister read my diary. She told my other sister what...
  8. PinkCandyFloss

    “Colourful” family (and other) relationships (May be triggering for some)

    Hi all I am looking for advise here in a way, and in another needing to get some things off my chest. For a bit of background I am in my 30s, engaged, step-mum to one and have been diagnosed (currently) with anxiety and depression as part of a wider diagnosis of fibromyalgia. To...
  9. Mountain violet

    CPTSD, depression/anxiety and dissociation.

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. Hoping to connect with others who may have experience with CPTSD and the symptoms of. I’ve recently suffered lots of fresh trauma through an abusive relationship with a narcissist, which I am healing and recovering from daily. Feel like there is a...
  10. A

    is this considered emotional abuse? also, unwanted/intrusive memories?

    i'm going to try and keep this short. i have anxiety and and eating disorder. i'm in treatment and so we've been digging deep in our pasts and stuff to try and see why we are the way we are, so we can get proper help. i feel like this wouldnt be considered emotional abuse bc it just seems like...
  11. S


    I'm not sure what to write because there's so much to say. I have had depression since eleven but my mental health started before that due to me being molested between nine and ten. I haven't had the most stable upbringing, living with an emotionally manipulative mother and a father who...
  12. C

    My biggest fear..

    Hopefully, this is going into the right thread, if not please let me know! And please bare with me at this will probably be a long post. Because I intended on making 2019 about my spiritual journey (since 2018 was my physical, but I'll still be bringing that into '19, just a lot more focus on...
  13. N

    New here help needed

    Hiya I'm new here after 10 years of suffering abuse and never being let out of my house with my ex partner I finally left I ended up in hospital with anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts I have been out in seteraline 150mg and that's it every night I have the same night mare about what...
  14. vanish

    My family sucks!

    I consider myself a survivor of my family. I endured the trauma of childhood emotional abuse at the hands of my aunt/stepmother and father and cousin/stepsister (yes I belong on the Jerry Springer Show). I was kicked out of home penniless as a teen and found there was nothing but disloyalty and...
  15. A

    Talking about sexual abuse

    Sup, I've come to talk about sexual abuse, what happened to me three years ago. I think I need to talk about this, since I nver open up, especially on this. Only my girlfriend and someone that I don't see anymore know about this and I think I'd like to explain it to other people, and get your...
  16. tragicpink

    i thought i was getting better

    i stopped having panic attacks during sex but tonight i read a text post on the internet about sex and completely lost it. i don't know what to do. it's making my self harm worse too
  17. C

    female, intrusive thoughts of sexual assault

    i’m a 20 year old female who has been sexually aroused by sexual assault since i was around 8 years old and saw my first rape video on the internet. i have been sexually assaulted before but this has been going on since before that happened. over the years the thoughts have been growing more...
  18. C

    Sexual Trauma from the Internet - Is this sexual abuse? *TW*

    I'd like to start this off by giving a trigger warning, as I am going to be going into detail about sexual trauma that happened to me as a child and I do not want to intentionally upset anyone. I'm going to try not to make it too explicit, but a certain degree of detail is necessary to fully...
  19. fazza

    Abuse in the family and a template for the future

    I have seen some pretty abhorent things as a child. My doctor told me yesterday that i must see this as a template for normal married life. How wrong can he be. As a victim of abuse i was always scared of telling my doctor as i presumed (rightly so) that he would say that the abused becomes the...
  20. S


    how many of you here with schizophrenia or a loved one with 'mental health', have real long term regrets? i'll start. 1. ever pulling a police officer down. 2. not speaking up for myself when i thought something was very wrong about an experience i have had. 3. continuing to use drugs...