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  1. C

    friendships: being taken advantage of

    how can you really know and tell when friends are using you or just keep you as their friend for the sake of it? I've always been that person people can easily take advantage of, I mean I'm overly shy, emotional and naive with every friendship I've ever had I've felt used, when I leave it's as...
  2. C

    How do you let go?

    Hey everyone. I've been in a long unstable relationship for many years now.(he's the father to my youngest 2 children) He's very manipulative, and mentally abusive. But I depend on him so much and don't have anyone else. He's ended things and within a day has moved on with someone else. My...
  3. cpuusage

    What is Truth?

    WHAT IS TRUTH? What Is Truth? In every age there have been Sages who had mastered the absolute and yet could teach but relative truths. For none yet, born of mortal woman in our race, has, or could have given out, the whole and the final truth to another man, for every one of us has to find...
  4. I


    I am a 27 year old male and have suffered depression many years but not officially diagnosed until 17; I believe I had it earlier than that. I was later diagnosed with anxiety as well when I became a recluse due to panic/anxiety attacks. The last 48 hours it (depression) has attacked me with a...
  5. cpuusage

    Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Commitment and Forced Treatment

    Support CRPD Absolute Prohibition of Forced Treatment
  6. E

    Another run in with my Doctor!!!

    So this morning I had an appointment with my Doctor. Absolute waste of time. He didn't ask how I was feeling or what's causing me to feel this way. All I had was three options - happy pills, talking therapy or do it alone. Do it alone? I'm here for a reason, not to be mocked, I'm asking for...
  7. BillFish

    Absolute hell and Misery :/

    Wrong! I know you are probably too clever, too savvy, have that special inside edge insight right? Take two minutes to read some of these articles, to remind you there are good people out there, and the world is not just a misery fest.:p Inspiring - Good News Network
  8. L

    Sepsis has ruined my life.

    Just feel so down. In brief, I contracted sepsis last year following major Bowel surgery. I was lucky in that I lost no limbs, relative minor organ failure and more importantly I survived. Was a tough recovery and ended up with being 'drained' on four different occasions. Since the sepsis I...
  9. W

    quetiapine made me worse - not taking them grr

    I was feeling weak, and so depressed I called 111 two nights ago because I was close to giving up. Well, I stopped taking them that night (I have psychiatrist today) and the absolute blackness of my depression has gone, so I was right. Hoping she'll give me something which works, this time :/
  10. W

    I'm new experiening numerous mental and physical issues ..need some info on everything I'm taking nd just some support thank you

    I'm new experiening numerous mental and physical issues ..need some info on everything I'm taking nd just some support thank you because I'm at an absolute loss and I'm reaching out to others maybe experiencing the same things I am and can be helpful in ways to educate myself on my meds side...
  11. J

    Had a nightmare PIP assessment with ATOS. Whats my chances?

    wondering if anyone else here has managed to claim the benefit on mental health grounds? my main symptoms are nausea, vomiting, and blackouts through severe anxiety. i actually ended up having to run to the toilet halfway through the 'medical', to be sick. the lady seemed very understanding...
  12. M


    :thumbdown:Hi i have just had contact with my Dad for the first time a month i decided to let him call me, i have got no idea why i put my self through it. It was a very short matter of fact conversation i said you will never understand so it is not worth even trying too,i definitely said that...
  13. S

    Losing All Hope

    I'm not sure where to post this but I just really need help with whatever's been plaguing me. A little background before I get into the collapsed vessel that is my mind. I am 21-Year Old Male, I grew up in an O.K household I suppose, (Father abused my Sister & I before leaving & stealing our...
  14. C

    Jealous people

    @peppermill224 years ago Yoko no sells lol Why do people have to hate, I'm barely 8 stones & get mocked & bullied at colleges etc, I live a life as a recluse as there are lots of bad in amongst the lots of good out there, but hey... even this doesn't make me go around hating people. It makes me...
  15. Sparklypurplepaws


    I'm torn between doing it and not....... I don't know what else to say! I know if I put it off this is the last chance I get this week, but then again if I do what if I need hospital treatment, the hospitals here are full and asking only to go in for absolute emergencies. Oh I don't know, just...
  16. D

    Merry Christmas All! xxx

    Whatever your experience of this season good or bad, I wish you well. I wish for things to be better for you. I send you my love and I thank you for your online company, which has been an absolute blessing to me. Now I know I'm not alone in voice hearing. love Deliah xxxxx
  17. K

    lost all hope

    I feel like I am banging my head off a brick wall trying to help myself but I feel like I am getting no where. I feel like giving up. it feels like constant battle and its not worth the effort anymore. I am making the lives of those around me an absolute nightmare and every response I ask for...
  18. S

    Losing my best friend

    Towards the end of 2011, I began to lose my best friend of three years. we were inseperable every day while we were together and so happy, and spent all of our free time together. He was so kind, so selfless and treated me like an absolute queen... I barely lifted a finger around the house...
  19. M

    Crappy therapist I saw yesterday gets crappier

    I didn't care for her anyway but she calls me this morning to tell me she can't see me be cause of a confidentiality issue. No one in my family has seen this woman and I called her on it. I told her it was absolute bs and no one in my family had ever had therapy with her and I believed she...
  20. Frost

    Generic 'hi' thread

    So I'm me, a 21 year old at medical school (read: not recommended) in New Zealand, and was diagnosed a while back with bipolar II with a fair whack of anxiety thrown in for good measure. My family are hugely religious, and have told me that my problems are caused by demonic possession, so...