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    Best meds for sleep when you have anxiety and depression

    Have already tried Amitripline, Quitripine, and am contemplating going natural and trying Melatonin.. getting desparate for sleep. Meds have been changed recently.. but am on 300 mg venflaxine, 80mg sustained release proprananol, metformin, How long before my normall meds ( venflaxine etc)...
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    Medication Cocktail

    Hi everyone, What do you guys think about this medication cocktail I am taking right now? Propranolol 80mg Fluoxetine 60mg Reboxetine 8mg Valium (diazepam) 2mg Other medications I have been on in the past: Fluxoetine - 40mg Quetiapine - 150mg Amisulpride - 400mg Trazadone - 300mg Buispirone...
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    Stopped Geodon 80mg

    I stopped my meds tonight, I started taking Geodon 80mg on Tuesday evening. The side effects were insomnia, and next morning lethargy. I could barely drag myself out of bed.