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  1. P

    Self harm

    So a while back when I was on floxetine I started to self harm on the odd occasion. Not much just the odd bit here and there just to feel something. I mentioned this to my GP and she said it can be a side effect when changing doses etc. Fast forward 2 months and I'm still Self harming but I'm...
  2. N

    Can they increase your Antipsychotics on a CTO without telling you?

    They increased my paliperidone 5 months ago from 50mg to 75mg without even telling me. I only found out when the depot nurse who was new corrected me because I said I was on 50mg, she said I was on 75mg and have been for the last 5 doses. Can they up the dose without telling you?
  3. V

    Venlaxafine 75mg

    Venlaxafine 75mg, they don't seem to be working for me at all. I'm in at the doctors on Monday for a review and I honestly don't know what to say. I still don't sleep and my mood is exactly the same. Am I supposed to feel any different on them? The only different I guess is that I don't go from...
  4. L

    Brain fog leads to anxiety and depression?

    I don't even know if I would be considered to have mild, moderate or severe depression. Haven't seen a psychiatrist only a family doctor who prescribed me zoloft. I started 25mg for 1 week than up to 50mg for another 3 weeks than up to 75mg for about a week and a half. I had a period on the 50mg...
  5. moyet

    Sertraline to venlafaxine: my random notes

    Suffered major depressive disorder and severe anxiety for a few years. Been on 200mg sertraline for just over a year and it seems to have stopped working. My GP has changed my meds to venlafaxine. I tapered down to 100mg sertraline for 4 days, and I'm now on 75mg for 4 days and I'll up the...
  6. H

    Newish to this and in need of urgent reassurance :)

    Hey am relatively new on this site and haven't used it much. Am living in Kent in the UK. I am 23 years of age and under mental health team. They are deciding whether I have BPD or bipolar 2 and think I also have a generslised anxiety didorder...seems my psychatrist is steering towards bipolar...
  7. Jasmineescobedo13

    Effexor Withdrawals

    Has anyone else taken Effexor and attempted to wean themselves off? I have alot of issues with this drug and i don't want to take something that I'm going to be stuck taking my whole life just to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay. They started me off with 150mg but it caused me to have mania...
  8. A


    Well so far my sleeping, although not really improving, but at least I'm not as washed out at work as I used to be whichalso means I haven't been off sick over the last couple of months. I'm still having the same thoughts as before bit I feel more resigned to them than before. Been back to docs...
  9. N

    increasded dose of venlafaxine and feel yuk

    Have just started to take 150mg dose of venlafaxine after having only 75mg for 2 years. I take 75mg at night and in the morning. Have been on this dose for about 5 days now and feel awful today, really dizzy, panicky and very anxious, its horrible. anyone know how long this will last? when I...