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  1. Poopy Doll

    Meds not working

    My meds are no longer working. Every night I can't fall asleep until 1am and then I wake up at 3am and think, "WTF".
  2. flowergirl


    This sounds so stupid but I just cant stop crying ive been crying since about 3am ive got hb to cancelled everything again this is not good :(
  3. M

    3am is a horrible hour to be awake

    I was sleeping soundly and promptly woke up at 2:45am. Now I'm awake. If anyone is around and willing some company would be nice.
  4. mrlaurel

    just take a minute out - that 3am phone call.

    I just want to say/ask everyone to take a minute out for those who have lost the battle to mental health issue. We had that 3am phone call last night that no one wants, a friend of the daughters has taken his own life, a lad of just 19. I hope he, and all other find the peace they are looking...
  5. lehcar24

    i'm going crazy right now! wierd!

    bout 2 hours ago my mood was so low all of a sudden .. but now i can no longer lay in bed trying to sleep i feel like i cant sit still my face is itchy and i cant stay still i feel wierd! like im on drugs or somethin !! i feel like i wanna go out but obviously its nearly 3am i cant i feel wierd...