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  1. fazza

    Baby Daughter will be here on the 20th December

    Just thought I would announce that my first baby daughter after 4 boys will be born by C/Section on the 20th of december. Me and the wife are very excited and can't wait to meet her. She is the perfect christmas present from my wife for us. So excited.
  2. shaky

    Christmas is bad for Mental Health

    Not a survey or an article, just me, being lonely I had hoped to find a GF before Christmas came round. Had a couple that I really was optimistic about But nothing Another Christmas without a companion And now it is nearly 20th December and the full realisation has hit again. It'll be lonely...
  3. C

    visit from ATOS seriously stressed

    After applying for PIP, I've been given an home visit from ATOS (even after they spoke to my psychologist, who said it would cause me harm, forcing me to have an appointment). Just wondered if anyone else has had to go through the same. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this has been...
  4. L


    thats it myu moods just fallen through the floor,dreading the 20th actually wanna breakdown in tears as im typing just the thought of all this is driving me nuts,im half way through xmas shopping but now think aahhh i cba,im soooo confused on how the hell to manage NOT cry on 20th....how dont i...
  5. A

    Psychosis keeps up with the times

    http://mindhacks.com/2011/03/28/psychosis-keeps-up-with-the-times/ Delusions in conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have tracked social concerns over the 20th century, according to a wonderful study just published in the International Journal of Social Psychiatry. Psychologists...
  6. nickh


    Just a quick note to say I will be away from tomorrow (Sunday 13th) until Sunday week (20th) - and it may take me some time to catch up after that :). Nick.